Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finished this little gem this morning. Am trying to use my the Aunt Grace fabrics in my stash - but it seems like there is no end to them. This is a 27" square, string pieced from strips cut for other projects. Even the batting and backing are pieced.

Decided it was time to take a picture of Chet - he rides while The Price Is Right is on TV. Notice he has only one handle on his exercise bike. He is using his quad cane around the house.

Weather man said this morning that we've had 16 days of rain for the month. But then that's normal because it's also Indy 500 race month! All the digital clocks in the house were "flashing" when we got up this morning, so we must have had an electrical outage sometime during the night. Never heard a thing! Everything is nice and green but it's just not warming up yet.

It was so good to hear from Carol last week. Sounds like she's getting her spunk back. And of course it's great to hear from other nieces, too. Hmm - wonder where the nephews are!

Off to find some lunch and then a nap.

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