Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

One busy lady here in Indiana! Made a trip to the grocery store this morning - someone in this house was opening and closing drawers and cupboards and sighing alot. This means the goodies are all gone! Amazes me how much two old people eat!

While at the store I ran into a gal I'd not seen in ages. She is a quilter and I invited her to quilt guild next month; hope she's able to go.

My quilt guild met on Monday and the program was on antique quilts. These were all family quilts, utility type. A couple of them were in rough shape and when someone peeked in to see what was used for batting they found an even older quilt and it was much prettier than the top that had been covering it.

I've been busy at my sewing machine the past two days. I have a bag of baggies with different blocks in them. Monday morning I just grabbed a baggie, laid out the blocks on my bed and started sewing. I had to keep sewing till the top was completed or I'd not be able to take my nap! The machine hummed at full speed and the top was done. The next day I decided to make the backing for this quilt using solid fabrics (leftovers from my Amish style days) and pulled out a big tub. I found a lot of strips cut different widths and decided to make blocks from them in addition to using just a solid color. Need to do a count of the blocks and see how many more I need. I am determined to use up as much of my stash as I possibly can! So my plans are to sew up a storm - after my nap, that is!

This rosey/pink strings quite was made a while ago. Nate needed a gift for a coworker and shopped from my quilt room. Most of these rosey/pinks are leftovers from when I made quilts for a friend.
Off to have a sandwich and then a nap and then sew for a while.

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