Monday, May 12, 2008

Ah - I've taken the big step and decided to do a blog. This is my way of sharing news of our family and my quilting adventures. So everyone is free to look and read if they choose to and I won't be cluttering up their emails with my "boasting"!
The picture is a block from a quilt I'm working on now. It is a mystery quilt and it is a true mystery. Clues are posted on about every two weeks and I am stitching along with many other people around the world. is a unique website - Bonnie Hunter is a scrappy look quilter. I've made several of the patterns from her site and have really done a stash reduction but there still is a long way to go.
Sun is shining in Indiana and it's a bit chilly and windy. I have quilt guild this afternoon and can't decide what to take for "Drag & Brag" - perhaps it will be the 100% African cotton bundle of Fat Quarters I picked up in Cincinnati on Friday. ( I hope they don't drool on it!)
I had a lovely Mother's Day. Saturday evening Nate, Deanie, and her son Chris, Chet and I went to eat at a steak house. The waiting line kind of reminded me of being in labor! We waited for over an hour for a table and another half hour for our meal. The place was packed. We enjoyed the food - even brought some home.
Mark stopped in with a lovely plant and we went out for a sandwich. Tracy called later in the evening. Only one child didn't check in - but I won't mention any names!
Am signing off - need to find something to eat and something to put on for guild.
Till next time.

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Caro_Oz said...

Well Jo you know we love to hear you brag and then "pick on you for bragging" LOL
Bonnie Hunter may not like to be called "scrappy look quilter' I hope people understand it is her quilt style and not her dress code!!!
You forgot to say you are making two of these quilts - will this then make a double brag???
Or perhaps there is now a need for white jacket measurements ;0)