Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time to do an update on the Hoosiers. We had two weeks of lovely weather and yesterday summer arrived again with temps nearing 90 and today it did reach 92. We did have a rain shower last night and again late this afternoon. Chet even consented to turn on the air conditioner without my having to ask, swoon or weave around - I just do not tolerate temps over 75 well.

Last Sunday we were invited to attend a church in Southern Indiana with friends. I'm not sure where we were - Bear Creek or Bear Hollar - Bear Something - - and I know I could never find my way to that place again. Little country church, with approximately 25 pews. I've never attended a Baptist service before and I have to admit to recognizing only two of five hymns (Jesus Loves Me) and another we Lutheran's frequently sing. We wound our way on narrow two lane, black top roads and were shown where Paul lived as a child, attended church and the one room school house. The church he attended was 125 years old and burned to the ground. The church was rebuilt and some of the stained glass windows were saved.The alter, pulpit and baptismal font were only slightly damaged. There is a company in Batesville, IN that specializes in church furniture (Weberding's) and they restored the three pieces. Probably not visible in the photos is the gold leaf on the pieces.

A few more miles on a winding road and we stopped to see Paul's brother. Paul said they like to sit on their deck out back - so we drove around the building (live on top of a liquor store they once owned - sold to daughter). Couple was sitting out there enjoying the peace and quiet and Paul rolls down the window and asks if lunch is ready. Visited for a bit and went on our way to Friendship, Indiana.

Friendship is known around the world for their Muzzle Loading Competition, held twice a year. The little town with only one main street is packed with people. Flea markets abound with all the usual "goodies." Pictures below are of a few bikers.

We ended up having a sandwich in a nice resturant in Versailles. It was a lovely day out and we got home about 3:00.

I've kept the sewing machine humming the past few weeks. My Orange Crush Mystery is at the longarm quilter gal (along with two other large quilts). I picked up two that she'd finished and have the bindings sewn to the front and need to sew them to the back now. It will be a long project.

Happy Houses is now finished and looking so cute and perky.

Latest project is working on a small quilt using many greens and creams. I'm trying to show that all greens do go together. So far I'm pleased with it. Only problem was I found myself ripping more than sewing today. The blocks are finished and I've laid them out to take the picture. Let me know what you think - leave a comment or email me.

And last but not least - my Stack & Whack quilt. I had the top pieced and sitting in a box on the shelf, patiently waiting for a border. I've had it back from the longarm quilter gal for a while now. It is too pretty to use. I unfold it and admire it from time to time.

Till next time - stay safe, well and cool.

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Bobbie Bentneedle said...

Joan, you're right - all greens really DO go together :0) I live in a "forest" and there are many many many different shades of green that God put here together, and they "go" just fine. Love the Stack and Whack - it's really gorgeous. Worth a little brag!