Saturday, June 7, 2008

Water Water Everywhere

Rain - Rain - Go Away - - it's been coming down for at least the last 20 to 24 hours. This is the scene from my front door, houses across the street.

About half of our backyard is underwater - if the seeds planted about three weeks ago hadn't taken root yet, we may have corn or beans in our yard this summer. Picture below is our backyard.

We lost electricity for about an hour this morning. I spoke with Mark and his yard is under water

Nate called to check on us and said he had a foot of water in his garage - he rushed his Harley to people across the street where it's a bit higher. Nate, Deanie, J.D. and Chris were evacuating to the Holiday Inn.

The big drain down the street from us can't handle the rush of water - it's backed up to our mailbox. Cars can not go through it. Have been hearing sirens quite often and turned on the local news. Roads are washed out, a bridge is out, the street in front of the hospital is flooded as is the other main intersection in town.

My heart goes out to people who are in flood and hurricane areas.
I was sewing away this morning when we lost electricity - first thing I thought of was "I NEED a treadle sewing machine." But then I realized it was so dark I couldn't see to sew anyway. So I stood in the windows and doors and watched cars trying to get out of the addition. Phone company and electric company were out looking for damage and soon all was running again. I was so happy! The pictures below are the quilt tops I finished up this week; these were all in stages of completion. A couple of them still need borders and I'll get to those next week.

Pinks/Browns/Whites - will put dark brown This is Boxy Stars from Quiltville site. It is
borders on it. ready to go to the longarm quilter gal.

This is the "Orange Crush Mystery" quilt top.
We were given a clue/directions about every two weeks. Had no idea what the outcome would be. I think I've done my last mystery quilt! I want to add some kind of border to it before it's ready to be quilted. This is another big quilt!

The pictures below were taken last Sunday. We spent the afternoon with Mark and some of his friends. Pontoons are so peaceful and enjoyable. We went to his house and had turkey roast, potato salad and slaw.

Till next time - - have a good week!

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