Monday, August 25, 2008

Lovely "fallish" weather today - we had soup for lunch and I'm sitting here with a light weight sweater thrown over my shoulders! Can you tell I'm not a hot weather person?

It's been a quiet and uneventful week for us - not hard to handle at all. So of course I "holed up" in the sewing room and stitched away. I love leaves and after paging through magazines and books found a truly scrappy, anything goes picture of a quilt. I dug in my shopping bag which has baggies of different blocks in different sizes, and found some 6" leaf blocks. So I made about 75 more and am ready to set them together. The picture is one of the "unusual" fabrics I found and put into blocks.

This will really be a quilt of many colors!

The rest of the pictures are of the two antique quilts a friend of mine bought while she traveled the New England States. The four patch is quite unusual, tied with green yarn on one side and the other side has pinky-yellow yarn. It is quite lumpy in some areas and I'm thinking it was two separate quilts sewn together at some point.

This is the other side of the four patch quilt. This quilt measures about 15" square.

This 9 patch block is another one from the friend. I'm guessing the fabrics are from the 40's. It is quite thin and has been hand quilted. The back is solid blue, the same as the sashing strips. This one measures about 15 x 19"

Court House Steps quilt I made several years ago, really don't remember when I made it. The strips are 1/2" finish size and it was pieced on a paper foundation. and is hand quilted. We've been using it as a wall hanging and now a table topper and it is quite faded - but still pretty.

Till next time - - take care & stay well.

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