Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Hello from Greensburg. We are having kind of a dreary day - mind you, I'm not complaining because we don't have one flake of snow on the ground. In fact, we've not had a "measurable snowfall" this winter! However, there are three months of winter yet to come!

We are well and hope everyone is doing well, too. Brother seems to be recuperating well and getting a bit feisty following his surgery on the 31st. . . Boy had best take it easy!

Chet is a bit sad - Colts lost last night! But I'm sure there's another football game on today that may perk him up! He's been watching the auto auctions on the Speed Channels - surprising how much some of those cars are going for - hard to believe there is an economic crunch! (Grinning here!)

Belated B'day wishes go to Sister Mona - I have taken a photo of your gift - I will mail it tomorrow. We have a gazillion steps to climb to get into the post office and I avoid going there as much as possible. (I even buy my postage stamps at the grocery store.) I really do have a gift for you - see - it's the Pot Of Flowers, I do hope you can find a spot for it in your home. And of course I'll toss in a surprise, too!

My sewing is keeping me occupied - I ended the year by starting another project. Gotta get that stash used up soon and I'm proud to say, it really is going down. I can get the covers on most of the Rubbermaid containers now! I finished this Pioneer Braid quilt on New Years Day. It is a fairly good size quilt, about 60 x 80. My latest project is making "Happy Blocks" for donation quilts - problem is, I'm not too happy with mine. So I need to do some rethinking and see if I can come up with some happier blocks!

Tori & Tia spent a week at Mark's house and we visited and had supper with them on Thursday. Mark made a lasagna and Texas toast - pretty good fixings for a bachelor! He had a pot of chili that he was tired of eating, so sent a couple of meals home with us. That too, was pretty tasty. The girls are growing into such beautiful young ladies. Tori is a senior and Tia is a sophomore - both say they are "good students"! (And I'm sure they are!)
Chatted with our out of state kids over the holidays. Tracy's two are in Florida with their father for a week. Not sure but I think Mitch and family visited with Di's family for the holidays - her siblings are in Cincinnati and Louisville - hope they had decent travels.
This week will be kind of busy for me. We lost a friend and will go to her visitation and then I'm visiting a quilt guild in a neighboring city Wednesday; this group goes out to lunch and then we will "visit" a quilt shop. Should be an interesting day.
Till next week - take care now.

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