Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Oh my goodness, it is definitely Winter! But I'm not complaining about it today.
I'm having a hard time with my memory this week. I signed up to take a quilting class and wanted to use a packet of black/white and white/black fabrics - but I can't find them. I just saw them last week.
Okay - explain this - Chet is flipping channels and stopping occasionally (no football yet, I guess). He likes old movies and stopped for a moment on a channel showing the Barefoot Countessa. Now get this - I remember seeing the movie with Chet, sister Amy and her date - I won't mention his name to save her embarrassment (my gosh girl, what were you thinking when you were dating him?) And I'm not sure - but think it was at the Flying Cloud Drive-In theater. . . Amy, ringing any bells! But where is my bundle of black/white & white/black fabrics? I'm trying so hard to clean up this house, specially my sewing things. We got a new TV and stand for C'mas and had to dispose of a collection of sewing and quilting videos. We bagged them up and put them on the sofa in the living room. Today I finally went through them, sorting them because there were kids' videos, proms, weddings, etc. Video for my bread machine and the riding lawn mower (what a combination, eh?). Children's videos - and even a Barney movie!
I've got them bagged up and will contact a quilter friend to see if she wants them - when I tossed out boxes of old magazines she was upset with me, so will offer them to her or pitch them. I also put away the last of the C'mas decorations from the piano. . about time, I guess!
The pictures below are my attempts at lightening the fabric stash. The first one quilt has fabric in the smaller squares from a dress I did for Amanda when she was about 4 years old. The out fabrics are leftovers from pillowcases I did for G'kids a couple of years ago. This piece needs to be quilted and hope to finish it this week.
This is another "leftovers project" - the wavy stripe is from a project Tracy did as a gift for a friend (I think) and the outer strips are again leftovers. I did buy the backing for this quilt just recently, on sale of course, at a quilt shop that is closing. These are donation quilts to be given locally.

While sewing in my bedroom, I "listen" to the TV. Love the old game shows - Let's Make A Deal and the cars for $5,000 - - - did you know that the Statue of Liberty was created using Isabelle Singer of the Singer sewing machine people? (Old Jeopardy Show) and who knows that Liberace's first name was Walter? Hey - these old shows beat QVC and Soap Operas!
I expect my adult children and their families are fine - we've not heard from them in a week. I think I'll call them and prattle on and on and aggravate them.
Till next week - everyone who is ailing - please follow your doctor's orders (you know who you are), stay warm and well.


Amy said...

I love the quilt, sorry I can not help ya with the lost fabric,, I have the same thing, maybe if I go look for yours we will find each others.. I did that the other day, I lost my easy angle ruler.. went to joanns got another at 50% off and still have not found missing one.. have a great day

Renee said...

Your quilts are great Joan! Where are you donating them?
Renee (from quilting in Indiana group)