Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunny Indiana

Lovely weather, not at all like autumn - but the leaves are turning and more and more crops are being harvested! Nate & Mark are taking advantage of the weather and riding their bikes whenever possible. Lawn mowing has slowed down but Chet goes out and pets and polishes his riding mower a couple of times a week.

Ah - my Sunday Routine - time to blog. It's a challenge to come up with a few pictures and something to say about them - I hope the non quilters & knitters will bear with me. (I'd put a smiling face here if I knew how!) It's been rather a quiet week - except for one day, this week. A friend was going to Columbus and invited me to go along. She had a couple of specific things to shop for and we hit Hobby Lobby first and found one of the items. Then we decided to go to the other side of town and visit a quilt shop and have lunch. (No, I didn't buy a thing at either place.) We had a lovely quiche, a bowl of fruit and a Coke for our lunch. We got into the van and planned to go back into town and stop at the store she needed to go to. Alas and alack! The van started but would not shift out of neutral! She tried several times to get it to shift, turned the steering wheel because this had happened before and she didn't have the wheels "straight". But it didn't work this time. Fortunately she has an AAA membership and made a call. The phone conversation was frustrating because it was difficult for her to understand the operator. We had to wait about half an hour for a tow truck to come. The driver walked up to the van and said "I guess you need air or gas." We said no and again explained the situation. He tried shifting the van, no luck - then he turned the steering wheel to straighten the tires and still nothing. So the options were to be towed to the shop and have them look at it or be towed back to Greensburg. She opted to be towed to Greensburg and have her mechanic take a look. Well, after some effort, we managed to crawl up into the cab of the tow truck and we were on our way home! And darn it, I didn't have my camera with me or I'd be sharing a picture of the handsome driver and the shiny tow truck. Ah - my life is just one adventure after another! I'm glad I have friends who help keep my life interesting. When I last checked with her, a diagnosis hadn't been given!

Remember the picture of the red quilt blocks I posted last week? Well - that top is ready to go to the longarm quilter. All I can say at this point is that "It's a lot of red"! Eight of us from the chat room exchanged five fabric strips = 40 different red fabrics + I dug into my reds bin and pulled out quite a few more. I'm guessing I have over 50 different red fabrics in that quilt top.
After struggling with Big Red, I decided to do something small. The School House blocks and the Churn Dash blocks are 4 1/2" unfinished size.
One of the gals in the chat room has taken up knitting and sent a picture of her granddaughter in the cutest ruffled hat. It just made my fingers itch so I dug out my yarn bag and found some baby yarn and needles. Paged through a few pattern books and found a new (to me) pattern and decided I must do that. So here it is - it's got a pointy top - but I didn't get it in the picture. I have enough yarn to make a couple more hats - next time I will pay more attention so the pattern is correct - the lacy eyelets are suppose to be in line. But I was watching a bit on TV about Deborah Winger - such a pretty lady - she has a new movie coming out soon.
The Packer Gold scarf was "on the needles" for quite a while so I finished it last night. It looks like it's got worms - but those little wiggles are part of the yarn. Believe me, they are!
I think all my kids and grandkids are fine - only heard from J.D. He calls me while walking from class to his apartment, or while waiting for the bus. He is enjoying college so much and I'm glad. He has a friend who is a graduate student, from Saudi Arabia. Told me his name but can't remember it right now. This fella teaches on of his classes. J.D. is looking forward to coming home for Thanksgiving and having a lot of good food!
Till next time - - keep in touch and stay well.


Comfort Cove Designs said...

I love those cute little churn dash blocks. I think you gave me an idea for another quilt!!! LOL As if I didn't have enough projects going now!

Lady of the Cloth said...

Boy, another comment from the Wet West Coast. I love the baby hat, can you share the name of the book or the pattern if it is out of print. I think that is so cute. How much yarn did it take? The churn dash blocks are so cute, is that the size for the quiltville swap? I may have to change my mind after seeing those.