Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Oh, it's so pretty out today - crisp but still nice. I only stepped outside to take a few pictures and there is a bit of a breeze. It seems that when I moved to get a good shot, the wind blew the piece in the other direction. I think I'm going to have to sneak over and use one of my neighbor's fences as a backdrop for my outdoor photos!

Contrary to what some of you may belive - - I really do cook. The picture is of the "makins' for a pot of chicken noodle vegetable soup. The chicken is in the pot and stewing away. Can you smell the Rosemary and Bay Leaf? And don't forget the onions! Hopefully this pot will yield three meals for us. (I try to eke as much sewing time out of a pot of soup as possible!)

Spoke with Tracy Friday night, she's moved her belongings into her house in Hattiesburg but is still working in Slidell, LA. She did find a job in Hattiesburg and will start there in two weeks.

Haven't seen our local two sons in two weeks - Had supper out at Marks and Nate brought over fudge from Metamora. Did you know you can slide that creamy fudge into 1/4" slices and have it last a week? The Wisconsin son and his family are always so busy. I imagine they are enjoying the home up on the Lake; it must be beautiful up there now.

From my sewing corner - - I made the miniature Churn Dash piece last week. I caved and bought some fabric online. Lovely fabric, it feels like silk. the photo doesn't do the colors justice. It measures about 18 x 20" and is machine quilted.

The "lone" block is from a book I got in the mail yesterday. I just had to try it quickly this morning, and like it so have dug out my tub of plaid fabrics and background bits and pieces and will continue to make more blocks. Chet will be watching the Colts win over the Packers footgall game this afternoon, so he'll never miss me.

And now the ladies from the chat room will get a sneak peek at what I did with the red strips we traded a few weeks ago. The sailboat fabric is for the back of the quilt. Carolyn, my longarm quilter gal will be wearing sunglasses when she works on this - cuz it's REALLY REALLY RED! And of course there are leftovers of the reds so I made a small quilt like this.

Time to run - football previews are on and it's "taxing" to my ears. Wishing everyone a good week.


Anonymous said...

I live directly west of O'Hare Airport in one of Chicago's sunny suburbs and I too had a pot of chicken soup on the stove simmering away Sunday afternoon. There must be something in the air; Autum I think. Love your little quilt and the red one is "hot!" I found your blog through Small Quilt Talk and I am enjoying your writing style.
Cheryl from Chicago Metro

Lady of the Cloth said...

Too funny, I too made soup yesterday and it's been so nice not to have to cook. I love the sail boat fabric. Do you know the brand/line it is. I make a sailboat quit for boy babies and that would make a wonderful backing.
Great Blog