Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hearing & Seeing Things

Lovely day in Indiana today - couldn't ask for more lovely weather! I did manage to get out info the fresh air today - had some errands to do. Wal-Mart stop was one of them - the store has been remodeled recently and I just can't find a thing and the help isn't too helpful either. But I rewarded myself with an Arby's Super Sandwich - the one where the sauce runs down your arms and the sides of your mouth! Chet was at a pitch-in at church so didn't have to be concerned about feeding him!
HEARING THINGS! This afternoon I was paging though a magazine and thought I heard Christmas music - looked out and the music was coming from the ice cream truck! Hard to connect the two!
I think I mentioned last week that eight of the chat room gals were having a reds strip swap - the strips are here and I've begun to stitch. That's a lot of red - right? Imagine 40 strips of fabric and none are identical - I think there will be some bright quilts to come from the swap!
I also finished up the Boxed Squares throw size quilt last week - I quilted it on my sewing machine - used curvy, wavy lines, 3" to 4" apart. I suspect there are enough solid fabrics in that bin to make another one of these!

Mark invited us out to his house yesterday afternoon. He made a pork loin with potatos, red and green peppers and onions - all wrapped in foil and baked. It was very tasty! In his back yard he has a project in progress. This is/was a 1973 Motorhome. He has torn off the "home" section and is planning to build a hot tub on the flatbed area. He'd done research online and found a few conversions - how about a boat converted into a hot tub! My first thought was of Mark's Uncle Wally and Pa Joe and their "creativity"! I will keep you posted on this venture!

J.D. phoned the other night - he was so happy - he "aced" a Finite Math test! Second highest grade in the class! We're so proud of him and confident that he will continue to do well - he's a good kid - or young man, I should say - he's 22 now. Working on an assembly line in a factory, slinging hamburgers and roofing one summer, he's learned that an education is top priority!
Till next week - be safe and well

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