Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cooking - Sewing - Missing Wall Quilt

Everyone finished the turkey dinner leftovers? We've about consumed ours - there are a few sweet potatoes left and that's about it! Oh - there is pumpkin pie left, too, which is unusual! We had an enjoyable day - Nate, J.D., Mark, Chet and I. Tracy and Anna Grace called in the morning and we had a lovely chat. Anna has a real 'southern twang' in her speech! They were cooking and preparing to go have Thanksgiving dinner with friends of theirs. I gathered from Amanda's facebook page that they spent the long weekend at their home up north. J.D. will go back to Bloomington sometime this afternoon and he is taking a big container of hot dish with him. (Photo below!) He has been here since Saturday afternoon, did some homework and spent the night and is still asleep. I imagine he'll have hot dish for his breakfast, too! Last evening we made Hamburger Helper for him - a real treat for him. He has a girl friend who is insisting he learn to cook - good for her!

I am sad to say that the sweet little wall quilt pictured is missing. I know when I last had it but no memory of what I did with it - imagine it's in a 'safe place.' Perhaps it will turn up after the holidays!
This small quilt is ready to be quilted. It's the Broken Dishes pattern - love it as it's a good chance to use up small pieces of fabric that I can't bear to toss out. The half square triangles were leftovers salvaged from a larger quilt - so there wasn't really much to do except press and square them up to 2" and then stitch into blocks. I had intentions of hand quilting it, did two rows and decided there were too many seams to battle with. This morning the hand stitching came out and it's ready to be finished on my machine. The design is from the Pioneer Children and Their Quilts book by Kathleen Tracy.
There is another picture I intended to post this morning but it's in the spare bedroom and J.D. is sleeping in there - I remember from child rearing days to
never wake a sleeping child. Hopefully I'll remember to take a picture before it goes up to the boutique at the beauty salon.
Time to go curl my hair - have a good week, everyone. Be safe and thanks for stopping to visit.

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