Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister Ellen

Greetings Family and Friends

Home is the place to be this morning - it was only 33 when I got up. Yes, I remembered the time change and reset all the blocks in the house. I must replace my alarm clock - it is too difficult to reset!

I did replace my keyboard and mouse but haven't installed them yet. I have a bad habit of eating at the computer and have been debating changing my habit!I don't do well when change of habit is required!

Today is a special day for my sister Ellen - it's her birthday. Ellen is the oldest in our family of 7 kids, and she often tended us when we were toddlers! Thanks for putting up with all of us! Ellen is an avid seamstress but these days she's making donation quilts, working with a group of Senior Citizens in Bloomington, MN. Hope your day is special!

We had about 50 Trick or Treaters last night. We'd have had more but I forgot to turn the front porch light on so ran an hour late. We do have leftovers and someone in this house is delighted!

Chatted with Tracy one night this week - all's well there. We are waiting for a photo of Anna Grace in her Trick or Treat outfit! The 'boys' are busy and okay, I guess! Chet's perking here, too. . . need to pick up gas for the riding mower so he can do his thing outside! All the leaves aren't down yet and he's been mulching a couple of times now.

From the sewing room - - - I completely finished the Downy Quilts for Kids kit they sent. Then I decided to make another and send it, too. I have finished piecing the top and need to find batting and backing for it now. I've gone through my stash but not enough of anything there so I guess I have to go shopping! This second quilt is called Disappearing Nine Patch - have photos to show how it's done. There are better tutorials online, just "google" if you are interested. This first picture shows a completed 9 patch block. (I started with 6" squares and made 5 blocks.)

This photo shows the block cut horizontally and vertically in the center of the block.

A possible layout.

Another possible layout - there are many - you will have fun rearranging the smaller blocks to find your favorite design.

This is what I ended up with. My next one will in the first layout shown. And I do have fabric to make another - fabric has construction vehicles on it.

Have a good week!

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