Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ho Hum Week

Hi Folks
It's been a boring week, nothing exciting going on here. Typical fall weather and leaves flying all over the place - but Chet gets on the riding mower and chops them up. He even goes across the street and does two yards there! The corn is still standing in the field and the guys from the electric company haven't come back to take the old pole out, imagine they'll be back after the corn is picked.
I went to my eye doctor and got a good report and new glasses are on order. They should be in by mid week. Tomorrow our local quilt guild meets - we have such a good time - a lot of "drag and brag" every month. I've been invited to attend a luncheon on Wednesday and on Thursday a friend and I are taking our sewing machines in for service. My cleaning/service is long overdue.
I finally did something with the snowman/winter embroideries I made a while ago. Three small wall quilts resulted. They're cute, even if I say so myself! There's just a minimum of quilting (by machine) along the borders and sashing strips.

I think this blue one is special with the snowflake borders and the Ho Ho Ho! It doesn't look straight, but it is!

This one took more planning because of the different size blocks but I whipped out my graph paper pad and arranged it that way. I am happy to report the red/cream check fabric is now down to just a few small strips and squares! (I am still in stash busting mode!)

Thanks for stopping by - have a good week!



Your embroidery blocks are really cute. Here in Columbus it seems you think the leaves are done and then another tree starts dropping. And of course the wind brings the neighbors' leaves over here. Lol

Bobbie Bentneedle said...

Jo, they are all super cute but I LOVE the blue one you like! It's just precious. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Marion said...

Love them all but like Bobbie, the blue one is my favorite
Quiltbuttons, fellow Stashbuster