Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Angels Came - - - Little Quilt

Yes, yesterday the angels came and took a wonderful man with them.  My brother-in-law Lavern passed away after a long struggle with a rare type of cancer.  The photo below is Lavern and my sister Amy seated, and three of their four children.  Anna Grace, one of my granddaughters attends a parochial school, she asked for prayers for "Uncle Squeeker" every day.  I spoke with her Friday night and she told me she was to play her first soccer game of the season on Saturday morning - I said "score a goal for Uncle Squeeker". . . she called me at noon on Saturday and said she scored a goal for him!  It was a rough job, but she got it done.  Bless her little heart.  Amazing how she became attached to him through her mother - we calculated Anna had seen him only once when she was about two years old.  Prayers and hugs to Amy and the family.

100_0280[1]We're doing alright for people our age - mobility is a bit of a problem.  Hate getting so slow when there is so much to do and so many places to go!  We've stayed close to home - a lot of unpredictable weather.  Rain is predicted today and hopefully it will wash away the dirty snow and slush! 

Nate stopped in one morning - well, actually I had to call him.  Chet fell trying to get out of his recliner and I just couldn't get him up by myself.  Fortunately Nate was close by and rescued his father!  No, Chet didn't get hurt but I think he was a bit stiff for a day or two. 

Nate is a member of the ABATE group (yeah, the motorcycle gang) and they had a fund raiser for Haiti.  Members were posted at busy intersections and streets in town and they collected about $1500.00. The weather was horrible but they stuck it out.  The group is working with a church in Elwood, IN.  The church has missionaries in Haiti.  Good for them! 

The other kids checked in and all is well with them.  Mitch said they went to their lake home in northern Michigan and there wasn't enough snow there to take out the snowmobiles! 

From my sewing corner:  I wanted to sew something but not a big project so I made this Bear's Paw quilt; it measures about 20" square. The pattern is from Prairie Children and Their Quilts by Kathy Tracey.  I even hand quilted the piece!  Haven't hand quilted in ages so the stitches are a tad bigger - but then I tell myself, it's suppose to look like a child made it - and I am almost in my second childhood so I consider it a precious piece!  (How's that for an explanation?)

 02_21_1Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

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