Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Did you all get a box of candy and a mushy card from your spouse and kids?  I bought a package of York Peppermint Patties and that's my treat!

More snow this past week and more predicted for late tonight!  Ah - I'm not a big fan of Spring, but it would be a welcome site.  Schools have had so many 'snow days' they will be in classes till mid June!  Of course they are giving up days between now and the end of the school year!  I ventured out to the mailbox each day, on Monday I bit the bullet and picked up a friend and we went to quilt guild. Friday I needed to go get refills of my meds and picked up a few groceries!  The main streets were fairly cleared of snow but the side streets were snow packed and slippery.  Stuck close to home and it looks like it will be the same next week.

Quilt Guild was a bit different this month.  Each of us brought in a project we didn't know how to handle - each person had individual attention and hopefully their problem was solved, or at least had several suggestions as to how it could be handled.  I took in a stack of 6" Churn Dash blocks, left over from a project I did for a friend many years ago - based on an antique quilt.  I made the quilt top for her and she had it quilted by a group of "church ladies" in Muncie, IN.  I put the blocks together using a different layout and now am debating adding borders or not.  Photo below.  (oops - forgot to rotate it).

 02_14_0 Close up of blocks.  02_14_1Just a side story - when friend took her quilt top to the church ladies, she visited with them for a while.  She asked how many ladies came to quilt.  The answer was:  Oh, whoever can come, comes.  Sometimes someone is sick, sometimes they are visiting family, and sometimes they just die and don't come anymore! 

And that's life - right?  Have a good week and stay warm and well.

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