Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung - - Friendship Star Quilt

Yes, our snow is gone, trees and lawn are 'greening up' and the lawn has been fertilized.  Chet boarded his riding mower with the little trailer attached and picked up limbs that had fallen through the winter.  A few robins have made an appearance! 

Wednesday we went with Mark to pick up Tia, she went to Michigan for a few days while on Spring break.  A three hour drive (one way) to Auburn, IN - this is about half way from her home in Michigan.  She was glad to be back here and has continued her break with a party and a bon fire at Mark's house.  Mark is working on his pontoon and hoping to put it in the water in a few weeks. 

JD was here for a few hours on Friday, he's on Spring break, too.  He hurried back to Bloomington to see a special person there.  He was a big winner at a nearby casino and was thrilled; he is looking to buy a car now and he really does need one.  Chatted for a bit with Nate yesterday, he is still working six days a week but down to 8 hour shifts now.

The two out of state children seem to be occupied with many things involving their children - I check on them via Facebook.  I kind of feel like Marie Roberts spying on her kids - but that's the way it is!

We had to replace our phones so I went shopping and found what we needed/wanted.  After installing them there was static and it was bad.  I broke down and read the instruction manual and learned I needed a DSL Filter!  Made several calls around town and found out that we got the filters along with the Internet kit.  After digging in boxes I found the gadget and installed it - we are now static free!  We checked in with Chet's sister in Arizona and it was nice for both of us to be able to talk/listen at the same time. 

Being passionate about sewing, most of you know I have to sew something everyday!  During the past week I made this little Friendship Star doll size quilt.  All fabrics from stash, of course!  And I'm proud to announce that it ended up being the size of the dimensions in the pattern!  This is rare for me!

03_21_1Must sign off for this week - hope everyone is well and has a good week.  Till next time, bye for now.

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