Sunday, March 7, 2010

This and That 9 and 4 Patch Blocks

This week passed quickly and right now I can't remember what happened around here - it must have been fairly boring!  Our snow is almost all gone; there are remnants along the edge of the driveway and the bottom half of a snowman in our backyard!  We have a lot of branches in the backyard - Chet will love getting on the riding mower and picking them up.  Our temps are going up slowly and possibly rain most of the week!

Thursday a friend and I went to Bloomington, IN to the quilt show.  It was a big show with about 225 quilts on display.  Many vendors with booths there but I did not buy a thing - not even a spool of thread!  The quilts were awesome and most of them were machine quilted.  Beautiful work!

My sewing machine was humming all week.  The Brick Wall of Wabash County top is now finished - and I love it.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.  It's ready to go to the longarm quilter when we go to Rushville on Thursday.  I'm taking at least two quilts to her - not sure I want to take the Log Cabin I made a while ago using C'mas fabrics.  It's kind of a nightmare!  Photo below - folded to show a fourth of the quilt.03_07_1

After finishing the Brick Wall quilt top there was a lot of fabric leftovers so I played.  I'd heard so much about the Disappearing 9 Patch so decided to give it a try.  Using different size blocks, I made three sizes.    Quilts using this block can be seen at:
This site shows variations of the layouts.  03_07_3

Then I found another interesting block on the Internet using 4 Patch blocks, sliced them up and rearranged them.  Directions for this block can be seen at:    Check the Feb. 3, 2010 post.  My photo below.  03_07_5

Thanks for stopping by - have a good week.

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