Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cute Couple

I'll begin the blog today with a cute couple - Tia and Matt - North Decatur HS Prom. They stopped in before the festivities began. Tia did wear heels to the prom - she had fancy flip flops on for this photo shoot! Brought back some memories!

My Computer Guru came to rescue me yesterday. He managed to fix the laptop here but had to take the desktop with him - it's got serious problems and he suspected the hard drive may have crashed. Alas and alack! I struggle with the laptop but keep plugging away!

Lots of rain the past week and more to come this week. I think we're as soaked as can be right now. Chet putters around the yard on his riding mower with the little trailer attached - brings a smile to my face! Nate and Mark are working long hard hours and realize they are fortunate to have a job. Mitch is preparing for a triathlon in mid May. Spoke with Tracy yesterday morning and all is well there - she is quite a bit south of the city that was devastated by the tornado later in the day.

I've not had a lot of time to sew this past week but did pick up two quilts from my long arm quilter gal. They are waiting to have the bindings hand stitched to the backs of them. For some strange reason I'm not able to load a picture of it - maybe next week! So - 5 down and 7 to go till it gets put together.

Thanks for stopping by - have a good week.

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