Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocky Mountain - Block #4 - - Mandy & Friend

Hi everyone!  Sun is shining here today and we are to have temps in the low 70's.  Guess it's time to stash away my sweat suits for the season!  I did manage to clean part of my closet and took several bags to Good Will and pitched a couple of bags, too.  Feels good to be able to see what's in my closet now.  Problem is the lower half of the closet - shoes - shoes and more shoes.  I go shoe less in the house and keep a pair of slip into Easy Spirit shoes near the door.  It is time to treat myself to a new pair - SOON!  Also need a spring jacket.  Problem is I hate to shop! 

Just a few minutes ago I did a terrible thing - I called my Granddaughter Mandy to see if I could use a photo from her Facebook page on my blog - the poor girl was sound asleep.  I should have known better to call a college student at 9:30 in the morning.  She did give me permission to use it - but wonder if she'll remember speaking to me - I imagine she's sleeping soundly again by now!  Mandy is on the right, other gal is a friend - said they went to a semi-formal dance - wonder if they went shoeless!  Lovely gals, aren't they!

I heard from Mitch, Mandy's dad, via email.  I sent a Happy Anniversary greeting and he replied with "I'm on the road" - so I guess he's out drumming up business for the company.

Also chatted with Tracy, Anna Grace was with her father so didn't get to speak with her.  She's plugging along, just like the rest of us.  Tried calling Nate but no answer there.  We suspect he's out on his Harley quite a bit now that the temps have come up a bit.

We've manage to keep busy with usual routine this past week.  I did have to make an emergency run to pick up Tia from school and take her home - flu bug.  She's getting ready to go to the Prom, too.  I picked up groceries on Friday and asked for help to the car - checkout gal gave me a baby green orchid - I guess I looked pathetic and she felt sorry for me!  (I hurt like the dickens and could barely walk!) 

Chet's doing his yard work like a real trooper!  The yard does look nice and the bushes we put in last summer are coming to life.  I will have to assist him with the trimming! 

The Rocky Mountain Sampler quilt group met this week - we were 'assigned' two blocks for this month - shown below is #4.  No - that's not a Swastika - it's a pinwheel!  I have fabrics cut and ready to sew #5 - hopefully today.

04_11_0We were given a challenge at this meeting and I think we'll have a ball with it.  It's not mandatory but most gals play along!  We drew three paint chips from a bag - no peeking - and are to make something, anything we choose to do using these colors.  I drew Wisteria, Lilac and a soft Sage Green.  Below are the fabrics I've pulled from my stash - I have no idea what I'll make!  These are batiks; the one on the top has shades of greens through out it so I guess I'll be doing some 'fussy cutting'!

04_11_2 Thanks for stopping by - have a good week.

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