Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

  We hope everyone is having an enjoyable day.  Sun is shining but it is a little chilly out.  We are home bound today - by choice!  Of course we will try to contact the out of state kids and their families.

  Chet is watching the History Channel - Story of the Garden of Eden.  Interesting of how different people can have so many different views.

  Quiet week - just my style.  Finally had our taxes figured, usual grocery run and on Thursday we picked up KFC and headed out to Mark's house.  He was going to give me a roll of quilt batting but we both forgot about it!  He was getting his pontoon ready to launch, hopefully that night! 

  Show below is the Hour Glass quilt, with it's borders and quilted.  Ready for the donation stack!  the picture I posted last Sunday was a bit blurred - hope this one is better.  (I ran it through the washer and dryer to get the 'aged' look)

04_04_2 Picture below is a group of blocks I 'found' so I put them together this morning.  Photo is so dark and doesn't do the colors justice.  (I really thought I'd edited it but guess I need to try again.)  It measures 25 x 32" now and I do plan to add borders as soon as I find something suitable!  This will be a donation quilt, too.

04_04_0 Have a good day - and week, too.  Till next week, thanks for stopping by.

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