Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hope everyone had a good week. We were busy with dental visits, grocery store and various errands. All the rain and wind we've had lately has caused a leak and there is a "bubble" in our living room ceiling. I called the roofer fella and he came over this morning and did some checking in the attic area and up on the roof, did some caulking and said to keep an eye on it and let him know if we have problems. He did find a couple of areas that hadn't been sealed when they put the roof on last summer. More rain is predicted today so we'll see if he took care of the problem.

Last week I posted a picture of our Granddaughter Amanda which was taken two or three years ago. Since then she has had her senior picture taken and I've posted it. Isn't she just the prettiest thing? I think she looks like her Aunt Mary!

Then I dug up this picture, also taken a few years ago of Paul, Mitch and Amanda at a Packer Game. Brrr - they look cold, don't they? And while I was going through pictures I found this one of Mitch in front of one of the Schneider trucks. No - he's not a driver - I think he tells them where to go! (Just a bit of levity there!) Hmmm - I wonder if Mitch would like my Orange Crush quilt! It sure is perky - and I call orange a happy color! The Orange Crush was a mystery quilt on Carolyn at the Rushville Quilt shop quilted it for me. (She does such great work and doesn't get upset with my color combos - or at least she doesn't tell me about them!)
In my stitching world - - still on my mission to use up fabrics in my stash. I dug out my 10 gallon Rubbermaid tub of solid fabrics last week and made a backing for a quilt. While surfing quilt sites and blogs I ran across a lovely pattern on called Boxed Squares. The tub of solids was still sitting in my sewing area so I dug into it and took out all the strips already cut to size and then cut more strips. Yesterday I pieced 22 blocks and this morning I cut for about 40 more blocks and sewed up a few. I think I will make 80 blocks and end up with a nice throw size. The tub was so full the cover didn't go down snugly - but as you see from the picture, the pile is going down - down - and down. The blocks I've made are shown, too.
Back to the sewing room - take care all and be well.

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Mary said...

I love the boxed squares blocks in solids. I have NONE in my stash and have had the urge to play around with them - I do have some mottled so maybe I should pull those out and see if I have enough of them for a scrap quilt.

Thanks for participating in the HeartStrings Block Party!