Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lovely day here - even if it's quite dreary outside. Sweatsuit weather is coming and I must dig out my favorite outfits! Oh, I've become such a fashion queen since retirement. Really bad thing is I'm loving it more every day.
Little Josh from next door is an avid dirt biker - he was standing at the edge of the yard, looking out at the soy bean field and muttering. When he walked back towards the houses I greeted him and he said "I can't wait till the crop is gone so I can get my bike out there!" See - I'm not the only one ready for fall and cooler temps!
Today is a special day for Amanda, granddaughter who lives in Wisconsin. The picture was taken two years ago, at a tennis meet when we were up there visiting. Amandy is on the left. I will call her this evening and hope her card and check has arrived!

I've been working on my Fungly Quilt (fun-ugly) and have it finished and ready to go to the long-arm quilter gal.

I also pieced the backing for this quilt - 81 ten inch squares. The lid now fits on the container holding all my solid fabrics.

A gal in the chatroom gave a neat hint - embroidery your name on the binding instead of making a separate label and having to stitch it on - saves quite a bit of time. So I had to give it a try and spent a morning making binding for two quilts - over 500" of binding. Am waiting on an email from my longarm gal to tell me the quilt there now is ready to be picked up and then I'll take the Fungly Maple Leaves top to her. She is so brave to do my quilting! Bless her heart!

The next photo is a start on a Row Quilt. It was a project in progress and ended up on the shelf. The two rows of Bowties were already finished. So once again I did my favorite - Maple Leaves and that row is finished. Another favorite block is the Broken Dishes or Hour Glass and yesterday I did a row of them. The close up leave is one of my favorite fabrics - sad to say there is only about an 8" square of it left. Most of the Bowtie blocks are a plaid. I plan to use a strip of solid color fabric between the different rows. The Broken Dishes/Hour Glass blocks use just one big swirly design and the background - I don't know when or where I bought that fabric but like it as much now as I did then. (Good thing cuz there's quite a bit of that left!)

Till next time - - take care - - and keep in touch.

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Fun projects Joan!