Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Mood

Not much of a holiday mood at our house yet - hope to get fired up one of these days!  I did dig out the fireplace mantle cover and put two candelabra in the bay windows.  Neighbors houses are 'gaily lit' and I even tried taking a picture of them but it was too dark standing in the garage and it was too cold to step out of the garage!  Chet stayed home from church this week - Advent services have begun and they have a soup and sandwich supper before services.  It was bitter cold and he's moving slow so inside was the best place for him.  He loves football games and I don't - so I do TV watching in my bedroom.  Among my favorites are Dog, the Bounty Hunter, Operation Repo and Curb Your Enthusiasm (when it's on.)  Odd choices!  Am also keeping tabs on Tru TV - Casey Anthony case should be coming up soon.

We chatted with Tracy and Anna Grace and they were complaining about the cold, too.  Both were in pajamas and ready for bed.  Then they decided it would be too cold for the dog to stay outside overnight and they got dressed and went and bought a 'doggy dome' for him, put that in the garage and threw towels in it.  I've not heard how he did but am sure he survived!

Local sons must be busy - they've not reported in this week.  Mark's teenage step daughter will be moving in with him on the 26th of the month.  She's been very unhappy in Michigan and grades have suffered.  Hopefully being here will help her; they were very close!

12_12_1 To get into the holiday mood I thought perhaps making a few more C'mas wall hangings would perk me up.  I pulled out the tub of C'mas fabrics and searched for enough to do three more small ones.  I put them in the mail yesterday to Tracy & Anna Grace - they may be teacher gifts!

 12_12_412_12_6Close up shot to see the embroidery.

 12_12_7These pictures were taken laying down, on my chenille bedspread - that's why they look a tad odd.  

Off to make myself something to eat - have a good week and stay warm.  Thanks for stopping in!



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