Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays !

Hope everyone had an enjoyable C'mas Day with family and friends. We had a nice ham dinner, sat and visited and exchanged a few gifts. JD stayed for the afternoon and evening; Mark went home to 'straighten' his house for visitors this weekend and Nate met Deanie and went to her parents for the evening. JD left sometime during the evening (I went to bed early - football on TV gets the best of me). Tracy and Mitch both called and had nice visits with them. And Anna called again the next night to tell me her mom was painting a wall in their dining room RED! She's a sweetie. I'm waiting for pictures from the far-away G'kids.

This morning Chet and I went out to Mark's for breakfast and a visit with Darcy, Tori and Tia. Tia will be living with Mark and going back to school here - to be with friends. Jack, a friend of Mark's stopped in this morning, too. Pictures are of Mark, Chet and Jack.

We had Tori, Darcy and Tia pose for a picture, too. They are well; Tori is a full time college student as of Jan.

We have fresh snow - it began snowing early afternoon but it seems to have stopped now. Just a nice white look, so pretty with C'mas lights glowing on them. I tried to take a picture but it didn't turn out well enough to show here.

Sewing - I finished the 30 Log Cabin blocks and have to sew them together now. I'd hoped to finish them quickly but my heart just wasn't in it. It's not going to be a pretty quilt! But, it will keep someone warm! I have a quilt ready to be picked up from the longarm gal - perhaps tomorrow - if the roads are cleared and not slick. The shop is also having a sale and I just might find something I really need.!

Have a good week, stay well and warm.

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