Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Have Snow!

Yes, we had a 'measurable' snowfall' but it's barely an inch deep.  More is predicted starting later this afternoon and into the night.  No complaints after all, 'tis the season!'  We are watching Park Road through the patio doors and there doesn't seem to be alot going on our there - streets out front look slippery.  No need to go out for a couple of days so am content to stay in.  We don't C'mas shop at our house - write checks!  Only Nate, JD, Mark and Chet and I will be having dinner on C'mas here.  Deanie will be working that day and we'll fix a plate to send to her.

Mitch called while on his way to Milwaukee where he was catching a train to Chicago.  He has an office there and goes a couple of times a month (I think).  Green Bay has a lot of snow but they love outdoor activities.  Haven't checked in with Tracy this week and plan to call both local sons sometime today.

My quilt guild got together on Monday for a C'mas party.  We had a pitch-in lunch and oh, so much food!  Played a game and swapped FQ's.  I didn't get to go last year because of icy streets.  Tuesday a friend and I went to Rushville to the quilt shop.  We signed up to take a class - name of it escapes me right now.  It's a block a month and we go to a lecture and demo.  I have my fabrics selected, laundered and ready to go.  We are also having a gal come in to the next guild meeting and do a class on the North Carolina Lily block - fabrics also ready to go for that.  Several of the gals in the Fabric Stash room are having a green strip swap; I have them ready to go into envelopes and be mailed by mid January.

While rummaging for class fabrics I took note of my container of C'mas fabrics and thought I really ought to do something with them - either use them or donate them.  Photo below is an assortment of fabrics I had.12_20_1 

I decided to do the Pineapple Blossom, a pattern from I made one block and decided the fabrics I had wouldn't work. It's a lovely block - photo below.

12_20_4 I then decided to do the good old Log Cabin blocks.  Photo below! Not sure this is going to be a neat quilt but it will keep someone, somewhere warm!  I'm working on a total of 29 blocks now and I know that's an odd number - am thinking perhaps I'll add plain strips around the Pineapple block and make it the same size as the others - - it can be the 'maverick' block!12_20_2 The blocks will finish at about 14" and will set them 5 x 6 and should have a nice size lap quilt.

Hoping everyone is well and enjoying the Holiday Season.  Thanks for stopping by.  Stay well and warm.  Till next week ~~~~~~

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