Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why Are Computers Giving Me A Hard Time Today?

I've attempted to update this darn blog for the past half an hour - and it's not working well at all. I won't even attempt to explain what's happening. So - here's what I'll do - - - I'll just describe the pictures from down here!

The two small quilts were both finished this week. The patterns are from Prairie Children & Their Quilts, by Kathleen Tracy. It's a treat to be able to finish a piece between working on bigger ones. Both are machine pieced and quilted. Broken Dishes and African American Sampler are the names.

The next two pictures are from a shopping spree I went on Saturday. Nearby quilt shop had a 30% off sale and I just had to take advantage - I've not bought new fabric in a while and just felt a treat was in order! The gold and the red/white check were found in the "bargain bin" and the other is a kit I'd seen made up and loved it.

Cold and wintery here - snow showers were predicted a couple of times but so far nothing - and that's fine with me. I really must go buy a snow shovel this year, believe it was four years ago that our shovel broke!

Nothing else new here - guess the kids and g'kids are fine or we'd have heard from them. So I'll sign off for today. Want an early lunch so I don't have to be out here when the football games begin! Have a safe week.

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