Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lazy Daisy

It's been a rather slow and lazy week here. I did venture out to have my hair done so I'd look halfway civil to go to a Sulky Thread Workshop on Saturday. Friend Pat and I enjoyed the long ride and the fall foilage. It wasn't too cold out but it was quite windy.

The car had it's pre-winter oil change and a washing, too. And of course the usual visits to the bank and grocery store.

Chet's had the mower out cruising the yard, chopping up leaves as they come down. He even went across the street and did their yard, too.

Mitch will be joining us for a brief visit, flying into Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day afternoon and will be with us till Saturday evening. We've not seen him in a year so it will be a treat.

Tracy's been at her new job and new home for a week now - will call her this evening to see how the first week went at the job.

Chet is watching the Colts-Steelers football game and the Colts were not doing well. So I made us a nice supper to perk him up! Now, an hour later, the Colts are ahead.

I didn't take pictures of any of my sewing/quilting projects this week. I dug up pictures from the Grandkids visit this past summer. Both used the embroidery unit to make little pillow tops.

I don't think I posted these earlier - but shoot, they're cute kids and deserve to be shown off again!

I did make over 600 inches of bindings for two quilts which should be ready to pick up this week sometime. I heard a request on the local radio station that the physical therapy department at our hospital was needing walker bags. So I "surfed the internet" and found a pattern, printed it out and dug out some fabric and gave it a try. It turned out nice, tailored - neat for a man. I need to find four buttons for it. Beyond me how I can have about fifty pounds of buttons and not four identical large red buttons. Heck, I'd even settle for black, navy or white - but just don't have them. So I guess I'll have to go shopping! My quilt guild meets on the second Monday of each month, so perhaps on my way home I can stop for the buttons. I'm not sure how many more walker bags I will make - it was more time consuming than I thought it would be. I have quite a few "orphan" blocks laying around and would like to figure out a way to use them on some of the walker bags.

This is a photo Amanda, our granddaughter, took and sent to us a while ago - isn't it a beautiful Wisconsin Sunset.
Till next time, take care, be well and safe.

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