Sunday, November 2, 2008

Short Post Today

My post today will be speedy - can you hear the pre-football game in the background? The way the Colts and Packers are playing, Chet is having a hard time finding a team to root for!
Nate came over and pulled the air conditioning unit out of my bedroom, brought his battery charger over for Chet's rider mower (guess what Chet's getting for C'mas) and stayed and had a light supper with us.
I finally got through to Mark - he's fighting a cold for two weeks now - guess I should make a pot of chicken soup for him - but don't think he likes my soup. He's still working on the Hot Tub on the Truck project!
Chatted with Tracy yesterday, she's now in Hattiesburg and will begin her new job on Monday. There are two heart specialists in this practice, another RN and a couple practicers. In a couple of weeks she will going to an equipment training session.
Had an email from Mitch - he's been traveling - says he's trying to keep jobs for 450 people. Such a big job - but we're proud of him and all he's accomplished.
We've had a quiet week - just my speed! I went and had a haircut, went to lunch and then drove up to a nearby quilt shop looking for fabric for sashing and borders to set the blocks together that I "featured" last week. Unfortunately there wasn't enough on the bolt, but she says she has more coming in - so fortunately, I get to go back soon. I also dropped off the red zig-zag quilt I'd been working on but poor Caroline is so busy right now so I'll have to be patient and wait.
So instead of giving Caroline a rest from MY QUILTS, I've gone and dug out my Blocks Stash. I made a "big bunch" of blocks using light scraps and a white background fabric. I put together one large top, 75 " x 90" , on Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure what that layout is called. I used 120 blocks in it. So this morniing I got out the blocks again and put together a small top, using 20 more blocks. This layout is traditionally called Fields and Furrows. There are 30 of the blocks left and I will stitch them up using another layout. I love the Barn Raising layout and may do that provided there are enough blocks to make the layout work. (I don't intend to make anymore!)
The reds with cream zig-zags is about a 26" square piece, made of leftovers from the Red Strip Swap several gals from the chat room exchanged. (Click on photo to enlarge it and look for the peppers fabric - from a Texas Gal) - isn't it cute? The smaller quilts I'm able to handle on my sewing machine and now I have a stack of them to work on. I'm always glad to see a snow storm blow in - then I can get in the mood to work on the quilting and finishing up projects.

I've had my lunch - and am ready to go take my nap. . . . till next week . . . . take care.

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Candace said...

I love all 3 quilts, but the zig zag is my favorite.