Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Week Ahead

I'm looking forward to a new week. I had to be "away from my sewing" for most of last week due to house cleaning issues. Amazing how textured walls and ceilings collect fuzz and lint. So we vacumned, polished and scrubbed this little house! I was tempted to put up a few C'mas things but decided not to just yet. Soon my neighbors will be decorating their yard and put lights across the front of our house. These people are so nice, I must start thinking about baking banana nut bread, pumpkin bread and brownies and share with them.

It's cold here - but I guess that's true all over the country. Rain/Snow Showers are predicted for this coming week. Tis the season - I will be moving my snow wiper from the trunk to the back seat and my gloves are kept in the car the year around. So I think I'm prepared!

This morning I gave in to temptation and decided to stitch a bit. I am getting ready to donate a few small quilts to charity organizations so decided to finish up this red zig-zag quilt. It measures about 24 x 26" and will be a nice infant cover or carseat cover. I pieced batting and dug out some Noah's Ark fabric from my stash and quilted it diagonally. Then I went on a binding fabric hunt and found that bin to be quite low. So I uncovered a one yard piece of fabric that was given to people who stopped at a booth at a quilt show. My friend and I graciously thanked him. Then I found out from a coworker that she was told the same thing. It seems this person told everyone who stopped at his booth that she was the 100th visitor. My coworker thought the fabric was just lovely; my friend and I still can't quite see any beauty in it. If you look at the fabric closely, you will see why it didn't sell and he had to give it away! I read somewhere that if you cut an ugly fabric into small enough pieces, it won't be ugly anymore - and you know, I think that's true.

Chet is primed up for another Colts football game tonight. I was looking forward to watching Desperate Housewives but The Country Music Awards are on instead. Gosh - I hate it when that happens!
I have been watching/listening to the Game Show Channel while I'm sewing. By looking at the clothing the contestants are wearing you can about guess when year the show was recorded. I think my favorite old show is Match Game. I also enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld - but am having to give them up - know the lines by heart now. And another thing - Nancy Grace is getting on my nerves, too. I'd like to tell her so but am afraid she'll bite me! And then there's Judge Judy - I'm being a very good citizen - cuz I sure don't want to end up in her court room!

Commercials can be fun and frustrating - Progressive Auto Insurance - I want to call them and tell them how disgusting I think the ads are! And Billy Mayes - the man who sells everything and YELLS!

Pajama time here - take care all and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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