Sunday, November 16, 2008

This + That

This is my second attempt to update this blog today. I had a lovely entry finished this morning, then looked at it in "preview" mode, clicked to publish and the darn thing vanished! So I just signed off and went and did something else - I guess I proved who's the boss of this blog, eh?

Chet came home from church with a gift for me this morning, he couldn't tell me who it was from or why! So after process of elimination, I think I know who sent it for me. But will have to make a couple of phone calls to check it out. I have a feeling it was an appreciation gift because the past couple of years I've been donating items to the church for the chili supper/bazaar they have. I'm anxious to know who ended up winning the wall quilt I made and how much it brought in. I have edited the photo of the plaque, hope I've not got it too much out of proportion! The tiny hearts, about 1" in size are precisely cut from an old quilt. Very pretty and dainty!
Family News - Congratulations to Becky for exceeding her goal of $3,000 by $1,059. Becky and a friend trained for the three day marathon in Arizona this past weekend. We have yet to hear how she is feeling after the marathon. Thanks to Becky and all who contributed. And thanks to her dear husband Geno for pitching in and helping!
Tracy is settling into her new home and job bit by bit. She's still unpacking boxes and learning the ropes at work. She and another new nurse will be going to Minneapolis for a crash two day conference.
The three sons check in occasionally - all are very busy. J.D. is doing well at school - but we knew he would. He's always been an excellent student and we're very proud of him.
Chet is already dreading the cold weather and being housebound for the winter. I think the days of riding the mower on the back forty are over now. Most leaves have been mulched and he's stowed away the swing cushions and lawn chairs. Lots of football games to keep him occupied - and that's when I head off to my sewing corner.
On Tuesday we picked up two quilts from the longarm quilter gal - I had the bindings ready to put on them so did that later that day. I now have one completely finished - the Fungly (Fun-Ugly) has been renamed to Fallen Leaves. . . could also be called Fabric Library because I used many different fabrics in it. I like to "read" it! The second quilt is the Row Quilt and I now have binding stitched to two of the sides. . it will be finished this week. Both of these quilts were pictured in past posts. I also picked up the fabric for the Swing Your Partner - plaid blocks I showed last week. The top was finished this morning and I was wanting to post photos but for some reason this machne is now showing me who's in charge. . . . but I will try later.
Until next week - stay warm and well.

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