Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greetings Family & Friends

Tis the season. . . Neighbors homes are decorated for C'mas and the kind people even strung lights across the front of our house, too. And of course I dug out the automatic timer so I don't have to run in and out to turn them off and on. Best $20.00 I ever spent! We've had rain for most of the day but we had no reason to leave the house!
Our Thanksgiving weekend was lovely - busy and fun. J.D. got here around midnight on Tuesday night, Mitch arrived late Thursday afternoon. We then went to Nate & Deanie's and had a super meal there. Mark joined us there. Deanie had family there, too. Full House, lots of food and chatter.
Friday we shopped for a new TV for Chet, here in the family room. We got rid of the big entertainment center and bought a stand for the new TV - gosh those flat screen's are neat - and it's big enough I can read the print without having to get up close! J.D. came over and helped Mitch put together the stand and connect the TV. I "excused" myself and took a nap while this was going on. A couple hours later I found them enjoying a football game! We had a big supper here, Nate & Deanie came over, too - and then they all went out to do their thing. Saturday morning Mitch met up with a high school friend for breakfast and then he and Chet rode out to Mark's for a visit and checked on his projects. Mitch left about 3:30 after he learned his 6:00 p.m. flight had been overbooked, hoping by getting there a bit earlier he could get an earlier flight out. . . not sure if he was able to do that or not.
today are of "the boys" - - Mark was here but not around at picture time - he was looking for a billfold someone claimed they lost, possibly in his truck. Nate graciously allowed Mitch to take his Harley for a ride. They play together so nicely now - amazing what 35 years will do, eh?

And of course I have to mention sewing/quilting.
Mitch managed to squeeze two quilts into his carry on luggage to take along for Paul & Amanda. I hope they will send photos of the kids with the quilts - if so, I'll post them for all to see! The kids are cute but they'll be really special with the quilts!

Not much sewing/quilting accomplished with the holiday but don't worry - I'll make up for it and I still have a good supply of fabric to use up! Oh - I should mention that the wallhanging at the top of this post was one of four I made last year for our kids. I noticed Nate & Deanie had their's hanging on their front door, I checked with Mark and he said he got it out of the closet and Mitch was sure his would be hanging as soon as he got home (yeah - they know how to pacify their mother, eh?)

Till next time - enjoy each day and take care.

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