Sunday, December 21, 2008

BRRR - - - And Christmas Past - 2003

Greetings from Greensburg where it is bitterly cold! We've not had a measurable snowfall but had ice a couple of days earlier this week; school was closed one day, a rare event here! I did venture out to pick up medications, groceries and gas. Friday was a nice day and a friend and I "motored" to Rushville where my longarm quilter had a quilt ready to be picked up. (I brought her two more quilt tops to start the New Year with!) I will have to run to the grocery store to pick up last minute things for our Christmas Dinner. Nate, Deanie and her son Chris, and Mark will be joining us. J.D. flew to Phoenix Friday to spend his break with his Mom and Grandmother.

I don't have recent pictures to post so dug up a few from December of 2003 when Tracy, Jon and Anna Grace came for a week! We had snow for them and they were thrilled! Anna was so excited she ran outside without a jacket or shoes!

Jon wanted to "sew something with funky colors" so I did some digging and came up with something that fit the bill - Also found a box with alot of Hole In The Barn Door blocks in it. We set up the Featherweight sewing machine and he choose fabrics and I cut strips to add to each side.

After a quick lesson on how to sew, Jon began sewing the strips to each block. Tracy pressed the blocks and Anna collected all snipped threads in a plastic glass to be scattered outside so birds could add them to their nests!

Next we laid out a few blocks to plan out layout and then started sewing them together!

Interest faded and Tracy & I ended up sewing the blocks together. I added the backing and quilted it after they'd left and later mailed it to him!
And this is a photo of Anna showing her thread snips - for the birds!
Oh - the children have changed so much in the past five years!
Hoping you all have a Happy Holiday season - till next time.

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