Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trees Quilt Info

I meant to talk about the "trees" quilt in the photo with Mark. Several years ago the ladies in my quilt guild had a block exchange. The larger blocks are from the ladies in the guild, and I made the little 3" blocks in the sashing. I put the quilt together and sent it off to Florida where a gal hand quilted it for me - quilting is "loose and free" - like wind blowing among the trees. In exchange, I pieced three crib size and two dolly quilt tops for her. Nice swap, eh? Oh - the quilt won a blue ribbon and $2.00 at our local county fair. It was the first quilt I'd ever shown and I thought it was so lovely and wanted to share it. Well, it created quite a stir at judging time (I heard it all second hand) - I had no idea when you "show" a quilt you need to give boo-hoo details - guess I should have written a note saying it was made by a group and quilted by another person. . . I got the impression a few of the gals thought I was trying to pass it off as totally my own creation. And would you believe - they even created another category for this type of quilt! Fine - but guess who hasn't exhibited a quilt again! Heck - all I wanted to do is show and share what I think is a lovely quilt.

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