Friday, December 12, 2008

Sharing Photos

I just had to share these pictures with all of you! First of course, I have to say that I hope everyone is well and not fussing and fuming over preparing for the holidays. It seems like a lot of people are cutting back on buying and opting for "family time" which I think is more important.
I just had to get a picture of my name "in lights". I was telling a friend that my name was in lights on Lincoln Street and he brought me back to earth by reminding me that it's not in neon like on Broadway in New York or the Strip of Las Vegas! The next three photos are of my niece Ranaye, I was her Godmother and she has a birthday coming up next week. Ranaye is undergoing chemo treatments for breast cancer - she is so brave and we are all very proud of her. We hope and pray all goes well for her. I've always heard the chemo rooms are cold - so I decided to send her this Dresden Plate quilt. It is all machine pieced and beautifully machine quilted (by Carolyn in Rushville, IN). Ranaye received the quilt today and had her husband Larry take photos - I'm so glad he did!
This evening I had an email from her saying the quilt "worked fine" - she took a nap and snuggled under it. It has also received the seal of approval from Rossi, their dog! She draped the quilt over a chair, left for a bit and came back to find the dog sleeping on it! I'm so glad it got Rossi's approval, too.

I also delivered a stack of doll, baby and crib size quilts this morning to a gal who works with a local fund raiser here in town. The Cheer Fund was started 98 years ago. The gal I spoke with said donations are really coming in slow and they fear they won't meet their goal this year. Of course there are a lot of other charities in town that help those in need, too. I also took some lacy embroidered (machine, of course) ornaments - snowflakes, stars and angels, along with a couple of hand knit dishclothes - to my hairdresser and an 84 year old who lives across the street from the beauty shop. We call this lady "the greeter" to the shop! She lives alone and is lonesome, very sharp and witty - I look forward to seeing her and enjoy her alot!
I want to write out C'mas cards tonight and hopefully I'll be inspired to do a bit of decorating around the house tomorrow.
Till next time - stay warm and well.


Amy said...

I am glad your friend loved the quilt. and you know if an animal approves it is A-1.. thanks for sharing, and CONGRATS on some GASoline...have a great wknd.

and Louis makes 3 said...

Great quilt Joan....what a generous spirit you have. Merry Christmas.....Just a little snowflak in Wyoming........