Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Indiana Iced In

Oh my goodness - we're iced in for a few days. Kids were even lucky enough not to have to go to school today. I was busy sewing away in my little corner of the world and kept hearing noises outside the window. I peeked out and the neighborhood kids had gathered in our driveway to do some "icing" - sledding is on snow, right? (I just coined a new phrase.) Bless their hearts - I conned them into setting my recycle bin and trash down at the curb and asked them to bring up the mail. Will had already brought up the mail earlier and knocked to give it to us but we didn't hear him so he handed it to me in the garage.

Josh was scooting on a small plastic lawn chair and the other kids had the plastic disks and rectangular snow boards. I asked if I could play and heard a big "NO"! Hanna, in upper photo with Will, is accident prone and didn't take a chance on the ice for fear she'd break something. We are so fortunate to have such good neighbors!

I have been sewing but don't have pictures to show today. I've made a stack of basket blocks, using fabrics from my "pinks bin". This is going to be dainty and feminine looking - just throw size.
We are as ready for the holidays as can be - a few decorations are up, cards and checks are in the mail - have to make a menu for our C'mas dinner and shop and cook - and that's it for us this year.
Till next time - take care and keep in touch.

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