Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello from the Hoosiers

We are enjoying our Spring like weather - not too cold these days! But then it doesn't pay to complain anyway!

It's been relatively quiet around our house. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing and keeping busy. Spring Break this week for local schools and colleges. J.D. is in town but only until Wednesday. He plans on stopping by for his favorite meal: Hamburger Helper and corn! He's not hard to please at all. All our kids are working, thank goodness. There have been a lot of layoffs at local factories and I feel sorry for them. I'm glad we're doing alright - guess old age is beneficial sometimes!

Neighborhood kids are tearing up the field out back with their ATV's. Sisters - do you remember our Mom's friend, Alma? Alma lived in a neighborhood with a lot of kids, her house was at the bottom of a slight hill. The kids used to roll down this hill with their wagons, it made Alma so nervous she had to pull her shades and close her curtains - well, I found myself doing the same thing the other day. The kids were doing 'wheelies' on a front and back wheel. I couldn't tell if they wore helmets or not. . . I just closed the curtain and went to the other side of the house! Just call me Alma now! (It wasn't the kids right next door - parents keep too close tabs on them)!

Okay - all my pictures are so dark again. This first picture is what I found when I came home from quilt guild meeting on Monday. It seems the ceramic fruit pieces I put on the mantle wasn't "pleasing to Chet's eyes" and he put his model car, pick-up and motorcycle up there! They go so well with my batik baskets mantle cover, don't they? Ho Hum - as his mother used to say!

The following pictures are some of my latest projects. I wanted to make something small so I could say I've finished something. I found the patterns online and ended up not being too happy with them. One of them has you putting in a lining - but no instructions as to how to make it, etc. Just another learning experience, I guess.

Photos below are another pattern I found online. There is a Yahoo group called Heartstrings, the gal who started it is in Minneapolis and many members are also from Minnesota. This is a kind of "wonky logcabin" quilt. It's a good way to use up all the leftover, different sizes of strips cut for other projects. I finished the last 16 (of 48) blocks this morning and they are ready to be put together now.

Mark just checked in and is coming over - his cell phone battery died and he's coming to get mine. His boss retired and Mark now has his job - says he now has a bigger spread sheet and 40 people to coordinate!

I need to hit the kitchen and rattle the pots and pans - till next week, stay well and keep in touch.

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