Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time Changes Mess Me Up!

Oh dear, my poor body doesn't accept change very well anymore! Even my computer is rejecting the time change! I have no idea what time zone I'm in. Our county was one of those that began changing time three years ago. . . and I'm still confused. It is just a good thing I don't have to be anywhere at any specific time. . . well, except for dental and doctor appointments and they are so great about calling and reminding me.
Spring is coming to our area. The field that butts up to our back yard has been plowed. We were surprised to see the electric company put poles and wires down the center of it a few weeks ago. We'd heard the land had been sold and apartment houses were to be built there. This was all inspired by Honda's coming to Greensburg. Well, with the economy in straights, we were relieved to hear nothing was going to be build there. I'm relieved to see the field being worked - this year corn will be planted there (he rotates crops) this year.
We've had great temperatures this past week and we ventured out a couple of times. I had to have the car at the garage early last week to see why the Anti Lock Brake system light came on. Turns out it wasn't anything major - only a bulb burned out and shorted something out. I didn't ask for a loaner car so one of the mechanics drove me home and again picked me up and I took him back and paid my bill and visited with the gal in the office for a bit. She has a beautiful new granddaughter and showed me a picture. (This gal also used to come to quilt guild). So my car is good as new again. Oh - and I asked the mechanic if I passed "the old woman driver test" and he said I did just fine. I'm so pleased - unbiased opinion!

Mark stopped over to take a look at our kitchen light - which wasn't working. I was napping when he came and no one woke me up - until it was fixed. We visited for a while and then went out to Chili's to eat.

Mitch called from Florida where he was going to a funeral for the wife of a friend - pancriatic cancer. Such a horrible disease and she was so young, too. He made a very moving statement, " I'm calling those I love to let them know I do love them:" Mark said he spoke with him - we've not chatted with Tracy or Nate this week. J.D. reported in one day - he's looking forward to Spring Break (but didn't know exactly when it was).
Wednesday I visited the Columbus Star Quilters Guild. This group has a large membership, everyone was very nice and it was an entertaining event. The gals have an annual auction meeting - they go through their fabrics, patterns, magazines, and notions and sort out things they no longer like, want or need. These items are then auctioned off to guild members and funds go into the guild treasury. They have quite a few guest speakers and teachers. I was inspired to sew more and get rid of things I no longer want or need or like! I have visions of my children going through the stash and wondering "what on earth was she thinking" and I don't want them laughing at me!

And here is a quilt top ready to take to my longarm quilter gal. Another scrappy look quilt and it sure was a stinker to put together. I did talk to myself often while working on it. The quilt is folded in fourths. I'm not putting a border on it - I just want it DONE! It is pretty but my craftsmanship isn't up to par - but it will keep someone warm!

Now I imagine you are wondering what that messy bag of stuff in the next picture is. I asked fellow quilters to save selvedges for me - the edge of the fabric with writing and dots and squares on it. We don't use selvedges when making a quilt because they are so tightly woven and cause problems. Then along came someone who decided she was going to do something with them and of course I had to jump on the bandwagon, too. Gals from the Fabric Stash Chat Room, my sister and some gals in my quilt guild gave some to me. After finishing the quilt top above, I needed something totally mindless to work on so I got out the bag full of selvedges and pressed a bit and just sat down and played for a couple of hours. Two are postcards, which can be mailed (for 1st class postage) and the smaller piece is just a patch I put together, too small for a postcard and may be used as a patch on a purse front - or something like that. . . . it's too cute not to use somewhere! It's laying on a piece of bluish-lavendar fabric - it's in the meditation stage of creation!

Time to move along and do something - perhaps lunch - - I hear Chet in the garage and he'll be ready to eat something, too.

Have a good week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love your Goosey Goosey quilt!

doni said...

LOVE the flying geese quilt - It will be awesome when quilting.

Clever selvege projects!

doni @ Oregon coast