Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly Update

Dreary and cold Sunday here today - but that's alright, I'm not going anywhere! We've had rain and wind. One morning we found a tree branch snapped off.
I made two out of town trips this week and that is rare for me. Chet and I went to Rushville to pick up my Maple Leaves quilt from Carolyn, the longarm quilter gal. Picture of the Maple Leaves quilt is in the Feb. 22nd post. . . scroll down to older posts if interested. The second trip was to Columbus where JoAnn Fabric & Crafts had a big sale - and I had to use those coupons! I stocked up on a few necessary notions and that's it. Just a quick trip and mission accomplished!
Mark popped in a couple of times during the week to do the cell phone battery exchange - he even stayed for pizza one evening! Usually he's in such a hurry! Contact with the other kids is rare. One grand daughter emailed to tell us they were vacationing in San Juan for their Spring Break - have no idea when they're coming back. Littlest grand daughter emailed me suggesting I get an Ipod. . . I don't think so! I'm sure she could teach me to use it!
And now on to the stitching stories - - I had the binding for the Maple Leaves quilt ready to put on and it's now finished. Looks great - - another scrappy and unplanned! I can only make scrappy look quilts because there are just bits and pieces of alot left.
I also fired my up machine and put together another top (scrappy look, of course) - I'd made 48 "wonky log cabin" blocks and put them away, but they are now sewn into a top and ready to go to the longarm quilter gal on our next trip there.
Need to make a Wal Mart run yesterday and made the mistake of checking out the fabric section of the store. There were several bright and gaudy fabrics that caught my eye. Picture below shows them.

Love those big bright flowers and think the strip fabric matches beautifully. The butterfly fabric has a bit of sparkle in it. This morning I made a portfolio from the butterfly fabric, and have done two Stenographer Book covers using the flowers and the stripes. A third is cut out, fused, stacked and pinned and ready to be sewn up. These items will be part of the loot I'm taking to my beauty shop - the gal has been after me for years to make things and bring them in to her shop to sell. We'll see how it goes. They're also neat for a quick gift if you need just a little something.

And here's the Wonky Log Cabin top. It's "wonky" because I used different sizes of strips from my scrap bag.

Time to sign off for the week - take care everyone and have a good week.

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