Sunday, August 23, 2009

Having a Bad Day!

My day began at 4:30 this morning. . . woke up to use the bathroom and my feet hit the cold floor and that was it for me! Truly, I did try to go back to sleep; after laying in bed for about an hour I decided to get up and do my thing. Switched on the coffee pot and took my meds. Flipped channels on the TV for a while and found Cash In The Attic on BBC. Not sleepy in the least bit I just decided to get up and work on my sewing projects. I belong to a Yahoo Group called Small Quilts Talk. Challenges are issued periodically and I'd not done one in a long time. I did pull fabrics and fixed up a kit for a Scottie Dog quilt and I worked on it a bit yesterday so kept working on it this morning. I blanket stitched the Scotties to the background square and used scraps of water soluble stabilizer I had laying around - added sashing strips between the blocks and accidentally pressed on that water soluble stabilizer - a real no-no! However, I was able to salvage the project by soaking it in cool water for a while - it is drying now and waiting for the outer borders. . . it is so cute! Another challenge just issued is a small log cabin quilt and I'd cut strips for that yesterday so I decided to do those too this morning - picture is posted. I'm not sure I if I will add outer borders. Blog 8-23-09 003

Friday and Saturday I embroidered free standing ornaments: Angels, stars, ornaments and doves. Photo below. I will add ribbon for ties. These will be taken to the beauty salon for my little boutique.

Blog 8-23-09 001

Another project in progress is a snowman embroidered "redwork" quilt. I saw one last year at a quilt shop and fell in love with it. I will not be making a quilt using all the designs but plan to do several smaller wall hangings - also going to the boutique. All of these things are made from fabric in my stash! Ah - so much I want to do and so little time! (I refuse to give up my naps!)Blog 8-23-09 005 I suppose I'd best mention the family! Spoke with Tracy & Anna Grace one night this week. Anna says school is a bit hard this year - she's in 4th grade. I think Mitch and family are or were on a vacation - California. (Found that out on Facebook when Amanda posted from there.) Nate is still working the 12 hour days, six days a week. J.D. spent a few days in town - slept here during the day and partied all night! His classes begin next week. Mark is working and continues his "party-hearty" life style. (Also info from Facebook.) Chet is still here, too. He just struggles with the littlest things - 'somehow' the sliding screen patio door got derailed!

Our new landscaping is looking great - so many flowers on them now. Perhaps a photo next week!

Time to find something for lunch and get back to my Scotty Dog project.

Till next week - take care!

P.S. We're having delightful Fall weather!