Friday, August 28, 2009

Early Post This Week

I'm posting early this week in hopes that someone will have a laptop at the family gathering tomorrow (Jayson and Cyndi's wedding) and share these photos with the brothers and sisters who don't have a computer. We will miss being with all of you and wish the newlyweds well.

Isn't the 'Dwarf Red Crepe Myrtle' growing beautifully? It sure makes a difference out in front. Thanks to Mark and his friend Shawn for landscaping! The 'grass' we planted is slowly growing - next year it should be taller and fuller!

Chet has gone to the casino with the people across the street today. We have a deal - I get to share any winnings but losses are his own! Of course he doesn't go for that at all. I have absolutely no desire to go with them and bless their hearts, they keep asking!

Checked in with all the kids and they're all doing okay. Nate continues to work 12 hour days - 6 days a week! Mark is putting in extra time, too. G'kids are all back in school except for Paul - Wisconsin doesn't start classes till after Labor Day. He will continue to work at the Green Bay Packer shop during school. Amanda is playing tennis at school. Anna Grace is in Color Guard and is looking forward to the first performance at a game tonight!

Interesting - - Mark called and said he had a request. . . so, okay I asked what isit? And he said Sharon wants some Minnesota Hot Dish. Now you may remember Sharon? Yes - she and Mark will be here for lunch on Wednesday. (We're not telling Nate!)

This week I managed to finish three projects: in spite of the warmer temps I got the binding stitched to the back side of the quilt by hand! There's another larger quilt waiting for the same finishing touch! I also finished the two small quilts. The Log Cabin measures 13 1/2 x 18" and the Scotty Dogs measure 15 1/2 x 22". These are challenge quilts for the Small Quilt Talks, a Yahoo group.

This morning I sat down with boxes and bags of "cuttings" - left overs from previous projects. I trimmed strips and squares and decided to start another "multi fabric" quilt using up some of the scraps! I opted to do the Split 9 Patch quilt. I've made two of them before but gave both of them away - they are in Mississippi and Louisiana. The picture below shows stacks of light, dark and half square triangles. The blocks measure 6" finished and so I'll need a lot of them - but not to worry - I'm sure I have enough fabric for a good size quilt!
Till next time - bye now!