Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mid August - Summer Heat 

Oh dear - I hate to complain about the weather and I won't say anything - except it's hot and humid and miserable! 

Busy week here with appointments - it seems to be the time of year to make sure bodies are running as smoothly as possible!  And they are!  I do have to go have a picture of "the girls" taken the end of the week. 

The kids are doing fine - Nate is back to work - six days a week, 12 hour days!  Mark is putting in his usual time.  No updates on the other two so am assuming all's well there!

I did a Facebook Page for myself a few weeks ago - at first I found it to be a bit aggravating.  But the past week I've heard from several former students, two are daughters of one of the principals I worked with.  Such a delight to see how they've become young ladies.  Another gal I had in a Sunday School class also contacted me - she's in Las Vegas - I think she teaches school.  So I am enjoying it after all. 

Thursday Chet and I went to Rushville to pick up two quilts from the long arm quitter gal!  Friday night I sewed bindings to the front of both of them - will wait for cooler temps to stitch binding to the backs.  Even with the air on it's too warm to have a quilt in your lap.  Saturday morning I put together the blocks I showed last week.   This is a picture of a fourth of the quilt top.  It has a kind of soft, pastel look! 

Sweet Sixteen - aka  Judy's Block 002  Next I'd like to do some table runners using fall colors and maybe something Christmas like.  I wanted to do some embroidered angels, doves, snowflakes and stars today but have no water soluble stabilizer in the house.  Guess I need to start making lists for my quilt store shopping, too.

Chet's home and ready for lunch - till next week - bye now.  Have a good week.