Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heat & Humidity Have Arrived

We are experiencing temps in the mid 90's this week and the humidity is high, too. Chet even turned the AC on this morning - I was surprised. We've not had to run it but two or three days so far this year! Last Tuesday we were almost flooded out here. The back 1/3 of our yard was under water - river like in the street in front of the house. Fortunately, we didn't have any damage but there was a lot of damage around town. Interstate and state highways were closed for some time! We had a quiet week - Mark popped in a couple of times but no sign of anyone else.

Nate has gone back to work - not sure how long that will last! Mark said quite a few people were "let go" at his plant - no forewarning for those people!

I see by Facebook that Tracy & Family adopted a dog - looks like a big dude! Also on Facebook Amanda talks about how she's working at the swimming pool in a hotel and also a park. She will be off to college soon. School here in town start the 18th! Kids in the neighborhood are growing up so it's been rather quiet this summer.

Chet and I went out for breakfast this morning - Waffle House - I was recognized by the waitress as "the lady in the office at her school!" This happens often - and I wonder if maybe I caught that person skipping and perhaps they are doing something nasty to my order!

We had our first sweet corn of the season last evening - our neighbor has relatives that farm and put in large gardens. Gary came home with enough corn for three families in the neighborhood - isn't that nice!

Went into the photo archives and brought up this "wonky log cabin" top - it is now finished - looks great! I have two tops at the long arm quilter now and expect a call any day to tell me they're finished. I need to put something together so I have another top to take to her when I pick these up.

The next picture is a stack of blocks I've been working on this week. A gal in the Fabric Stash Chat room made one and shared the block pattern with us. I have 36" finished and ready to set together. The finished size of the quilt will be 72" square. . . a nice napping size. Of course all fabric is from the stash! And I'm proud to say the stash is getting smaller! I doubt I'll get it all sewn up before I leave this earth! No one can say I didn't try!

Off to try and straighten up my sewing area - sewing is so very messy - I call it "creative clutter" but few other people agree!

Till next week - stay well and cool.

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