Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bikers - Redwork - This + That

Good Sunday Morning Friends and Relatives
and anyone else who stumbles across my blog!
(Just a bit of levity!)
We are having lovely fall weather and a bit of rain this morning!
Yesterday the local ABATE chapter had a bike run to raise funds for Santa's Cause. The money raised goes to families who fall between the cracks of the other organizations here in the county. The organizations do work together and cross references family names and needs in hopes of no one being overlooked or someone "double dipping." Chet rides with the gal in the 'chase truck' - driver is a woman named Gypsy! This is his third year to do it but it may be the last year because he has such a hard time getting in and out of trucks and needs assistance along the way. We arrived too early and the bikers were just starting to come in and register. The pictures I've posted were taken about 11:00 and the group was to leave at Noon.

Nate - Chet - Deanie

The Fire Department sent a truck to lead them to the city limits. Most towns have a police escort but local department isn't keen on bikers! One year the Sheriff Department had a car lead them!

Mark didn't go on the ride this year - he is spending the long weekend with friends on the Ohio River, in a houseboat. There is a group from this area that meets for this event. They tie up somewhere near Cincinnati and watch a great display of fireworks and I won't mention the partying that goes on!

We've had a few phone visits with Tracy this month - she's on the go all the time. Anna Grace is a real chatter! She speaks very fast and with her southern accent, difficult to understand!
Amanda wrote a letter to tell us about her college life! Sounds like she's keeping quite busy and enjoying everything about it. I wonder how the family is doing - imagine Paul is glad to be an only child - even if it's only part time! Amanda has a birthday tomorrow (the 7th) and Paul celebrates on the 17th. J.D. and Jonathan have birthdays at the end of the month.

I did finish the 120 blocks needed for my Split 9 Patch quilt - I posted photos in last weeks blog of a few of these blocks. I set a goal of ten blocks a day. I had to stop and cut more squares and cut and sew more half-square triangle blocks - I didn't want a bunch of them laying around when I finished this project. It was extra time consuming to do it that way but I didn't want odds and ends laying around! The last 30 blocks were stitched up yesterday.

This morning I decided to take another look and have a go at my redwork embroidery designs. I began laying out a few of the blocks and trying to come up with a small wall hanging - photo below. Now remember, this is in the planning stage!

The pictures below are of a few more blocks I've stitched out. Blocks below have been stitched with batting on the bottom and the blocks above are just one layer of fabric. I think those with batting have the stitching more defined. It will be a while till I get back to stitching these.

Lunch time and then nap time - till next week - bye now.