Friday, August 28, 2009

Early Post This Week

I'm posting early this week in hopes that someone will have a laptop at the family gathering tomorrow (Jayson and Cyndi's wedding) and share these photos with the brothers and sisters who don't have a computer. We will miss being with all of you and wish the newlyweds well.

Isn't the 'Dwarf Red Crepe Myrtle' growing beautifully? It sure makes a difference out in front. Thanks to Mark and his friend Shawn for landscaping! The 'grass' we planted is slowly growing - next year it should be taller and fuller!

Chet has gone to the casino with the people across the street today. We have a deal - I get to share any winnings but losses are his own! Of course he doesn't go for that at all. I have absolutely no desire to go with them and bless their hearts, they keep asking!

Checked in with all the kids and they're all doing okay. Nate continues to work 12 hour days - 6 days a week! Mark is putting in extra time, too. G'kids are all back in school except for Paul - Wisconsin doesn't start classes till after Labor Day. He will continue to work at the Green Bay Packer shop during school. Amanda is playing tennis at school. Anna Grace is in Color Guard and is looking forward to the first performance at a game tonight!

Interesting - - Mark called and said he had a request. . . so, okay I asked what isit? And he said Sharon wants some Minnesota Hot Dish. Now you may remember Sharon? Yes - she and Mark will be here for lunch on Wednesday. (We're not telling Nate!)

This week I managed to finish three projects: in spite of the warmer temps I got the binding stitched to the back side of the quilt by hand! There's another larger quilt waiting for the same finishing touch! I also finished the two small quilts. The Log Cabin measures 13 1/2 x 18" and the Scotty Dogs measure 15 1/2 x 22". These are challenge quilts for the Small Quilt Talks, a Yahoo group.

This morning I sat down with boxes and bags of "cuttings" - left overs from previous projects. I trimmed strips and squares and decided to start another "multi fabric" quilt using up some of the scraps! I opted to do the Split 9 Patch quilt. I've made two of them before but gave both of them away - they are in Mississippi and Louisiana. The picture below shows stacks of light, dark and half square triangles. The blocks measure 6" finished and so I'll need a lot of them - but not to worry - I'm sure I have enough fabric for a good size quilt!
Till next time - bye now!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Having a Bad Day!

My day began at 4:30 this morning. . . woke up to use the bathroom and my feet hit the cold floor and that was it for me! Truly, I did try to go back to sleep; after laying in bed for about an hour I decided to get up and do my thing. Switched on the coffee pot and took my meds. Flipped channels on the TV for a while and found Cash In The Attic on BBC. Not sleepy in the least bit I just decided to get up and work on my sewing projects. I belong to a Yahoo Group called Small Quilts Talk. Challenges are issued periodically and I'd not done one in a long time. I did pull fabrics and fixed up a kit for a Scottie Dog quilt and I worked on it a bit yesterday so kept working on it this morning. I blanket stitched the Scotties to the background square and used scraps of water soluble stabilizer I had laying around - added sashing strips between the blocks and accidentally pressed on that water soluble stabilizer - a real no-no! However, I was able to salvage the project by soaking it in cool water for a while - it is drying now and waiting for the outer borders. . . it is so cute! Another challenge just issued is a small log cabin quilt and I'd cut strips for that yesterday so I decided to do those too this morning - picture is posted. I'm not sure I if I will add outer borders. Blog 8-23-09 003

Friday and Saturday I embroidered free standing ornaments: Angels, stars, ornaments and doves. Photo below. I will add ribbon for ties. These will be taken to the beauty salon for my little boutique.

Blog 8-23-09 001

Another project in progress is a snowman embroidered "redwork" quilt. I saw one last year at a quilt shop and fell in love with it. I will not be making a quilt using all the designs but plan to do several smaller wall hangings - also going to the boutique. All of these things are made from fabric in my stash! Ah - so much I want to do and so little time! (I refuse to give up my naps!)Blog 8-23-09 005 I suppose I'd best mention the family! Spoke with Tracy & Anna Grace one night this week. Anna says school is a bit hard this year - she's in 4th grade. I think Mitch and family are or were on a vacation - California. (Found that out on Facebook when Amanda posted from there.) Nate is still working the 12 hour days, six days a week. J.D. spent a few days in town - slept here during the day and partied all night! His classes begin next week. Mark is working and continues his "party-hearty" life style. (Also info from Facebook.) Chet is still here, too. He just struggles with the littlest things - 'somehow' the sliding screen patio door got derailed!

Our new landscaping is looking great - so many flowers on them now. Perhaps a photo next week!

Time to find something for lunch and get back to my Scotty Dog project.

Till next week - take care!

P.S. We're having delightful Fall weather!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mid August - Summer Heat 

Oh dear - I hate to complain about the weather and I won't say anything - except it's hot and humid and miserable! 

Busy week here with appointments - it seems to be the time of year to make sure bodies are running as smoothly as possible!  And they are!  I do have to go have a picture of "the girls" taken the end of the week. 

The kids are doing fine - Nate is back to work - six days a week, 12 hour days!  Mark is putting in his usual time.  No updates on the other two so am assuming all's well there!

I did a Facebook Page for myself a few weeks ago - at first I found it to be a bit aggravating.  But the past week I've heard from several former students, two are daughters of one of the principals I worked with.  Such a delight to see how they've become young ladies.  Another gal I had in a Sunday School class also contacted me - she's in Las Vegas - I think she teaches school.  So I am enjoying it after all. 

Thursday Chet and I went to Rushville to pick up two quilts from the long arm quitter gal!  Friday night I sewed bindings to the front of both of them - will wait for cooler temps to stitch binding to the backs.  Even with the air on it's too warm to have a quilt in your lap.  Saturday morning I put together the blocks I showed last week.   This is a picture of a fourth of the quilt top.  It has a kind of soft, pastel look! 

Sweet Sixteen - aka  Judy's Block 002  Next I'd like to do some table runners using fall colors and maybe something Christmas like.  I wanted to do some embroidered angels, doves, snowflakes and stars today but have no water soluble stabilizer in the house.  Guess I need to start making lists for my quilt store shopping, too.

Chet's home and ready for lunch - till next week - bye now.  Have a good week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heat & Humidity Have Arrived

We are experiencing temps in the mid 90's this week and the humidity is high, too. Chet even turned the AC on this morning - I was surprised. We've not had to run it but two or three days so far this year! Last Tuesday we were almost flooded out here. The back 1/3 of our yard was under water - river like in the street in front of the house. Fortunately, we didn't have any damage but there was a lot of damage around town. Interstate and state highways were closed for some time! We had a quiet week - Mark popped in a couple of times but no sign of anyone else.

Nate has gone back to work - not sure how long that will last! Mark said quite a few people were "let go" at his plant - no forewarning for those people!

I see by Facebook that Tracy & Family adopted a dog - looks like a big dude! Also on Facebook Amanda talks about how she's working at the swimming pool in a hotel and also a park. She will be off to college soon. School here in town start the 18th! Kids in the neighborhood are growing up so it's been rather quiet this summer.

Chet and I went out for breakfast this morning - Waffle House - I was recognized by the waitress as "the lady in the office at her school!" This happens often - and I wonder if maybe I caught that person skipping and perhaps they are doing something nasty to my order!

We had our first sweet corn of the season last evening - our neighbor has relatives that farm and put in large gardens. Gary came home with enough corn for three families in the neighborhood - isn't that nice!

Went into the photo archives and brought up this "wonky log cabin" top - it is now finished - looks great! I have two tops at the long arm quilter now and expect a call any day to tell me they're finished. I need to put something together so I have another top to take to her when I pick these up.

The next picture is a stack of blocks I've been working on this week. A gal in the Fabric Stash Chat room made one and shared the block pattern with us. I have 36" finished and ready to set together. The finished size of the quilt will be 72" square. . . a nice napping size. Of course all fabric is from the stash! And I'm proud to say the stash is getting smaller! I doubt I'll get it all sewn up before I leave this earth! No one can say I didn't try!

Off to try and straighten up my sewing area - sewing is so very messy - I call it "creative clutter" but few other people agree!

Till next week - stay well and cool.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogging Early This Week

Good Morning from sunny Greensburg, IN ! We are having delightful weather - just can't believe it's August 1st already! Amazing - time flies as fast when your retired as it did when I was working. Probably a sign that we're managing to keep busy!

We've managed to keep in touch with family through phone calls, emails and just added Facebook! Not sure I want to keep dealing with that. Nate is back to work at Valeo - making car parts! Mark is working regular hours and continues to work in parties! He had a blind date last night - I was going to call this morning to see how it went, but think I'll wait so I can see his face!
I've been busy at the sewing machine and busting more stash. I dug out a bundle of Fat Quarters and decided to make a table runner and set of four place mats. The colors are a bit unusual but I'm hoping someone will like them.

The runner below is made of left overs from a group of fabrics I bought at an online shop. The fabric feels silk like and the price was right! There were just bits and pieces left from an earlier project so I used them up to make the blocks. I think it turned out very nice. I machine quilted a design in each block.

My computer guru is coming back to check on this machine to see if it's operating at it's best. I do have a couple of things for him to check out. If someone sends an attachment or picture, I get an empty box with a red x in it! Hopefully he can fix that for me.
Off to get something for lunch - no breakfast, so early lunch for me! We will miss the family gatherings in Minnesota this month - both my drivers made plans months ago for the weekend of the wedding. We hope someone will share photos with us.
Till next time - take care.