Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Purse and Tablerunner

Well - I'm a bit off my blogging schedule. Eye doctor appointments have kept me running but in a week I will have the second cataract surgery and things will settle down again. Everything went very smoothly with the left eye surgery, the doctor and his staff and the hospital staff are all great! I never had even a pain through the process.
The weather here is cool and soon the lawn swings and lawn furniture can be stowed for the winter. We had a strong wind but only two branches are down and they're not big. Chet will enjoy hooking his little trailer to the mower and go pick them up

Amy - here's your new Gracie purse (Lazy Girl Designs pattern). The button is antique - so yes, it does show "wear." If you don't want the "shabby chic" look just snip the threads off! I need to pick up a sturdy base to slip into the bottom of it and then I'll get it in the mail!

This afternoon will be my first time to drive in a week. Having my hair done and then have to hit the grocery store. Still have plenty of food in the house but Chet keeps checking the "goodies" drawer and sighing quite a bit!

Saturday I sat down at the machine and whipped up this table runner. . . used up all but a 4" x 8" strip of the fallish fabric. I did manage to embroidery more snowman blocks to do winter wall hangings with. While embroidery was stitching out, I knitted a washcloth and after finishing it I dug out the baby yarn - finished one newborn size hat and started another. Have to keep the fingers busy, you know.

Time to make out the grocery list and then it's quilt show time and lunch. Take care and thanks for stopping by to visit.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Mantle Decor

Ah - I did it. I took Chet's model car, truck and motorcycle off the mantle and replaced it with my batik maple leaves mantle cover. My favorite season of the year. This picture is from last year but I'm using all the same things again.

It has been raining all day and it's just not been a nice day - weather wise. I sewed on two buttons this morning - Chet's slacks and a purse tab. Tried to take a nap this afternoon and the doctors office called again to check on me and then some idiot called and asked for Chet - told him he wasn't here so then he "settled" with me! Asked if either of us had diabetis - IDIOT! Couldn't understand him and tried to find out what company he was with. We are on the NO-CALL list and I always threated to report sales people! Moral of this is: don't mess with me when I'm napping!

I guess I'd best cook something tonight - I plan to cook some ham steaks, mashed potatoes and a veggie. . . so off to the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. I changed settings so it is possible again to leave a comment.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


TA DA - these are the two purses I did yesterday - they are small and have only one pocket. Quick and easy to sew up!

Dreary Sunday here - rain predicted before the day is over. . . Thanks for visiting my blog!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Doing The Weekly Blog!

Hi Folks.
Have a bit of free time tonight so decided to post early this week. Lovely weather in our fair city and signs of Fall are in the air. Nate stopped by about 5:00 this afternoon to pick up something he'd seen in the storage shed - I had no idea those things were even there. Turns out he wanted brackets to screw into a flat bed trailer to use as tie-downs for motorcycles. The local ABATE group is having a float in the Fall Festival Parade tomorrow and the float will have an assortment of bikes on it. Of course the building of the float requires a full force of helpers, food and other liquid refreshments. He invited us over to eat so we went and had great food (any food I don't have to fix is great) and enjoyed chatting with some of the people there. Pictures below are of the fellows starting to work on the float.

The first two bikes ride over the truck cab area, are loaded - along with a flag flying in the breeze!

This bike is from Europe - a Triumph - a very expensive bike - Nate quoted their value and it's about what we paid for our house 35 years ago! Scary, isn't it?

I think this is a Triumph, too. Hopefully you can click on the photo it will enlarge and you can read the plate. I did look at it closely but forgot now!

This was one of three Cushman bikes that were there - think I heard someone say this is a 64 model! Oh - boys and their toys, eh?
Friend and I were in Batesville for doctor appts. and lunch, and then she wanted to look for a kennel on a side street in Oldenburg - we made a wrong turn and pulled into a driveway to turn around. There was a triple car garage with a big FOR SALE sign propped against a car - I could see it was an oldie by the grill. Just then a man walked out and I asked what was behind the sign and he said a 64 Dodge Station Wagon - I spied wood on the side and asked it if was a "woody" and he said it was. He tried to get me to take it home but I said "not today, thanks."
There is a really neat shop between Batesville and Oldenburg - called Dotty's Bulk Food Basket. This shop has every kind of spice, candy, coffee, soup mixes (that almost taste like Mom used to make). nuts - and you name it, they have it. You can buy a basket and fill it with goodies - make lovely b'day gifts - or a hostess gift - or a C'mas gift. Stop in to visit them - address is 394 Northside Drive - Batesville. It's in a small strip mall between the two towns.

Now onto the "softer" things in life. I pieced this maple leaves piece a couple of months ago and lost it in a stack of leftovers from other projects. I decided it was time to finish it up so I machine quilted it, bound it and called it done! It is up at the beauty salon in my little boutique!

And this morning I finished this bag - it turned out so cute I hated to take it up to the shop - but goodness knows - I don't need another bag! I plan to make at least one more to take up there.
And I can't end this post without special b'day wishes to Paul - Happy 16th birthday. It is also the anniversary of the day I bought my car - 15 years ago!
Till next week - - have a good one!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Week at the Weckops

We had a quiet week but did do a bit of running. We are enjoying the fall temperatures, corn is drying in the field out back and trees are beginning to turn yellow; grass needs mowing less often, too.
Chet enjoyed his day out with the motorcyclists last Saturday. They had 58 bikes and 74 riders. The profits amounted to about $2,500 - this will be used for Santa's Cause. Families who don't qualify for other assistance at the holidays are considered to be recipients. The group has done this for four or five years now.
I'm keeping up on Facebook with some of the grandchildren - at first I was sort of annoyed with it but now I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
Tuesday morning I had a phone call asking to help a friend help a friend. My friend tends to her sister-in-law who is 94 years old and lives in an assisted living facility. This gal fell and needed to go for an x-ray, my friend drives a van and it is difficult to get in and out of so I helped out. Poor gal was in such pain and later found out she was badly bruised, nothing was broken. Thank goodness.
On Thursday I was invited to ride along to Columbus on a shopping trip and of course I'm not about to turn down a shopping trip! I wanted to pick up a new supply of sweatsuits and found three sets. Also stopped at JoAnn Fabric where I bought some "sewing staples" - muslin, weavers cloth, fall print fabric and a winter print fabric. I am making things to take to the beauty salon for my little boutique corner. Pictures below of the fall table runner and the redwork wall hanging.
I think this redwork piece is so cute - the sashings and borders are a small red and green plaid. I plan to do a few more for the holidays.

The coming week should be calm - only an appointment with my eye doctor! I'm not looking forward to that.

Pajama time for me - have a good week. Bye now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bikers - Redwork - This + That

Good Sunday Morning Friends and Relatives
and anyone else who stumbles across my blog!
(Just a bit of levity!)
We are having lovely fall weather and a bit of rain this morning!
Yesterday the local ABATE chapter had a bike run to raise funds for Santa's Cause. The money raised goes to families who fall between the cracks of the other organizations here in the county. The organizations do work together and cross references family names and needs in hopes of no one being overlooked or someone "double dipping." Chet rides with the gal in the 'chase truck' - driver is a woman named Gypsy! This is his third year to do it but it may be the last year because he has such a hard time getting in and out of trucks and needs assistance along the way. We arrived too early and the bikers were just starting to come in and register. The pictures I've posted were taken about 11:00 and the group was to leave at Noon.

Nate - Chet - Deanie

The Fire Department sent a truck to lead them to the city limits. Most towns have a police escort but local department isn't keen on bikers! One year the Sheriff Department had a car lead them!

Mark didn't go on the ride this year - he is spending the long weekend with friends on the Ohio River, in a houseboat. There is a group from this area that meets for this event. They tie up somewhere near Cincinnati and watch a great display of fireworks and I won't mention the partying that goes on!

We've had a few phone visits with Tracy this month - she's on the go all the time. Anna Grace is a real chatter! She speaks very fast and with her southern accent, difficult to understand!
Amanda wrote a letter to tell us about her college life! Sounds like she's keeping quite busy and enjoying everything about it. I wonder how the family is doing - imagine Paul is glad to be an only child - even if it's only part time! Amanda has a birthday tomorrow (the 7th) and Paul celebrates on the 17th. J.D. and Jonathan have birthdays at the end of the month.

I did finish the 120 blocks needed for my Split 9 Patch quilt - I posted photos in last weeks blog of a few of these blocks. I set a goal of ten blocks a day. I had to stop and cut more squares and cut and sew more half-square triangle blocks - I didn't want a bunch of them laying around when I finished this project. It was extra time consuming to do it that way but I didn't want odds and ends laying around! The last 30 blocks were stitched up yesterday.

This morning I decided to take another look and have a go at my redwork embroidery designs. I began laying out a few of the blocks and trying to come up with a small wall hanging - photo below. Now remember, this is in the planning stage!

The pictures below are of a few more blocks I've stitched out. Blocks below have been stitched with batting on the bottom and the blocks above are just one layer of fabric. I think those with batting have the stitching more defined. It will be a while till I get back to stitching these.

Lunch time and then nap time - till next week - bye now.