Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football & Rainy Sunday

I am posting early this morning so I can be out of the family room before the football mania is on TV.  I watched my quilting/sewing shows this morning, then left the room and now when I'm back here the TV channel has changed to football again!  I picked up two bags of peanuts in the shell for Chet, he was pleased and put them in a 'special place'!  I had to move them and later he said he needed them by morning!  I was kind and showed him where'd I'd put them. 

JD, Mark, Tracy & Anna Grace have been in touch this week.  They are all so busy - ah, I remember when I was young and busy! 

Our snow has been gone for a couple of weeks now but I'm sure we'll see more in the next couple of months. 

It's been quiet here this week and we've been keeping busy.  Yesterday we went to Columbus and shopped a bit - not a bit  of muslin fabric in the stash.  I need it to complete a quilt top using left-over blocks from years and years ago.  Picture below. 

01_24_4 These blocks are leftover from a quilt I made for a friend - Tracy bought me an antique quilt using this method and friend was envious - so I made one for her and she had a church group hand quilt it for her.  I plan to use a setting new to me, saw it in a Georgia Bonesteel book many years ago and fell in love with it then.  Let's hope it works out!

I also finished the Carolina Lily block by adding borders and it's ready to be quilted now.  I'd love to hand quilt it but I'm afraid it'd never get finished.  Picture below.

01_24_3 The Block of the Month quilt is a real challenge - I had to redo my choice of fabrics and am pleased with the outcome of the first block.  It took about 2 1/2 hours, from cutting to completion; it is suppose to measure 12 1/2" but mine is a bit smaller.  With coaxing from a few squirts of spray starch and a heavy, hot iron, I'm sure it will be the size it's suppose to be!  Ah - we quilters often have to use a bit of persuasion! 

That's about it this week - thanks for stopping by.  Leave a comment if you care to - comment will not appear until I approve it - had to go this route because someone was advertising something!  Have a good week.

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I have always liked the Churn Dash block! Your blocks look fabulous!!

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