Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunshine Sunday

  All's well in Greensburg - thank goodness!  We are having the bitter cold temperatures and got about 5" of snow this past week.  The sun has popped out a few times but the temps really haven't improved. 

  I haven't checked with local sons to see how roads are - I hit the grocery store on Wednesday and stocked up pretty good. 

  It's been excellent sewing weather!  I was surfing the Internet and found an interesting project and decided to give it a try -  a "quilt as you go" technique.  The piecing and quilting is done in one step.  So I went 'digging' again and got out the Rubbermaid bin of solid fabrics and pieced backs for each block.  There were a lot of pieces of different sizes and those babies just got stitched together and then squared to an 11"  block.  Next came the batting scraps and they too were pieced if necessary - also to 11".  The fabric strips are cut from a group of coordinating fabrics I bought a while ago.  After stitching about half of the blocks (12 blocks-24 needed) I saw I would be needing to hit the stash in the cabinets.  So I found various fabrics in colors to 'kind of go with what I started' with.  This first photo shows a stack of the completed blocks after they were squared up to 10 1/2"


The photo below is the pieced backing sides of some of the blocks. The strips have already been attached to them.


And this photo is a completed row - 4 blocks across and will be 6 rows.  The blocks are attached with a 1" strip on the back side and a 1 5/8" strip which has been folded lengthwise.


Joining the blocks is quite a project, I'm not sewing too straight but they are being joined!  And I'm hoping it will pucker up and my stitching won't show too much, after it's run through the washer and dryer.

  My quilt guild is having a gal come in tomorrow to give a North Carolina Lily lesson.  I'm hoping the weather man is wrong when he predicted two inches of new snow overnight.  She has to drive on a winding, hilly road to get to town.  Have no idea how the streets in town are - just not a lot of traffic out there.  This is an all day affair, in addition to the lesson we will have our usual meeting, too.  My Viking sewing machine is heavy so I am going to fire up my old Singer Featherweight machine and if it runs smoothly, I will probably take it instead.  It only weighs 15# where as the Viking is more than double that! 

  So till next week - take care all.




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