Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Month Ahead!

Good Morning from brisk Indiana!  The sun is shining brightly but it's only in the teens this morning!  Except for a few weekly errands we have stayed close to home this past week.  I've made a pot of chili and a pot of chicken noodle soup this week - very comforting on these cold days.  Chet ventured out to the mailbox yesterday, I think it was his first time out in a week!  The week can't go fast enough for him - Super Bowl next Sunday! 

We keep tabs on the kids and grandkids by spying on them through Facebook.  I didn't think I'd care for it but it's good for a laugh now and then!

I will spend Super Bowl Sunday at a big sale at my favorite quilt shop.  I really do need a few things!  It's always jovial there - and the gals may be wear blue wigs! 

I've kept busy in my sewing corner this week.  Pictured below is the Carolina Lily wall quilt.  I was so tempted to hand quilt it but knew it would not get done in the near future.  I used a portion of a traditional quilt stencil in the four corners and then just stitch 1/4" from the flowers and stems. 


My guild is doing a 'half-square triangle' swap, each month we do a different color.  I spent a couple of days making them for the entire year - we swapped blue/cream in January.  Big job - but it's done!  I hope they don't call me an over achiever! 

 01_31_5And the next photo is also a swap - from the fabric stash room gals.  We exchanged light, medium and dark green, 3 1/2" wide strips - total of 10 strips.  Seven of us took part - so we got a big variety of greens and not a single repeat (except for the gal who sent 5 darks and 5 lights of same fabrics - we forgave her).  We are each using a different pattern - the picture shows my strips cut into correct lengths - I am waiting for brown fabric to arrive - should be here sometime this week.  I will be making Bricks and Corner Stones - from 

01_31_3Our next swap will be in July and we've decided to do black with white and white with black fabrics.  Ten gals have signed up for this swap but we will be exchanging three or four strips this time.

I've spent the morning cutting my scraps into 3 1/2" and 2 1/2" squares - yes, I feel another multi fabric quilt coming on!

Time to find some lunch - I eat early because I'm a breakfast skipper! Have a good week and thanks for stopping by to visit!

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