Sunday, May 23, 2010

May - Month of Birthdays

We have had quite a few birthday wishes to send out. Mine on the 1st, friend on the 9th, Mitch, nephew Chuck and another friend on the 17th and daughter-in-law Diane, on the 22nd. I'm glad I'm not the only one getting older!
We've had quite a bit of rain this month, too. The puddles in the field that butts up to our yard, are finally gone. We've had a cardinal visiting us a couple of times a day, comes right up on the patio. Such a pretty bird!
And of course Chet has been mowing - a bit more than necessary, I think. But it keeps him busy.
Checked in with the kids and all seem to be keeping busy and out of trouble! Monday a friend and I drove to Shelbyville to a quilt shop - she was looking for a special ruler and they didn't have it. But we did have a great omelet at Grandma's Kitchen! It rained on us - all day!
On Tuesday I had to do a 'sick girl run' - Tia has a terrible cold and was miserable so I picked her up and brought her home with me. Mark came to pick her up when he got off work at 4:00. I had him do a couple of quick projects here before I left him leave. . . oh, I did make Minnesota Hot dish for him!
Stayed put at home on Wednesday. Thursday I had my hair done and one ear re-pierced! Yes, the holes were not aligned! Friday a friend and I went to a flea market in neighboring town. A former quilt shop owner had a booth there and we had to check it out. I did buy some 'fat quarters'. No special plans for them but I do pet them from time to time. (Picture below.)

Below is a picture of the 6th block for the Rocky Mountain Sampler Quilt. This is a "block of the month" so it's getting kind of dragged out. 12 blocks total - so we're halfway through with the blocks.

Chet is taking a friend and myself out to lunch today (his idea, not mine.) We are going to the Iron Skillet - really a truck stop. They always have good food there and a fantastic buffet.
So time to sign up and finish dressing. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week

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